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5 NATO Soldiers Killed When UK Helicopter Crashed In Afghanistan

A helicopter belonging to the UK was carrying some troops in Southern Afghanistan when it crashed Saturday, killing 5 of the NATO soldiers on board. The reason for the crash is still under investigation, but a Taliban group has already spoken out, claiming responsibility. While the US-led Coalition is not ruling out the Taliban as a potential cause of the helicopter’s crash, they are being cautious about accepting the group’s claim. Often times the Taliban will attempt to take credit for accidents that they were not a part of in hopes of boosting their morale, or to intimidate foreign troops in their region. The climate in Southern Afghanistan is a very difficult climate to properly maintain equipment, and it could still be possible that the helicopter crashed due to a mechanical failure of some sorts.

5 NATO Soldiers Killed When UK Helicopter Crashed In Afghanistan

5 NATO Troops Killed

Featured Image of LYNX Helicopter from Wikipedia.

Saturday’s crash marks the very first time that a UK Military Helicopter crash has caused fatalities since the war began years ago. While many are suspecting that all 5 of the NATO troops on board were of British nationality, the identities of all of those killed will be kept secret until their families can first be notified. The helicopter crashed in the Kandahar Province in Southern Afghanistan, which was near the Kandahar Air Base, one of the coalition’s strongholds in Afghanistan.

The UK has had an exceptional flight record so far in the Afghan conflict, thanks in part to the superb quality of their equipment, and the discipline of their flight and ground crews. The British troops will continue to fly missions as they prepare to withdraw completely from Afghanistan as the conflict winds down. The responsibility of policing the country will be handed over completely to Afghan forces in the years to come. Foreign troops have been training Afghan forces for the past few years to ensure that they will be prepared for their own conflicts ahead.

5 NATO Soldiers Killed When UK Helicopter Crashed In Afghanistan.

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