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Multiple Tornadoes and Thunderstorms Expected to Hit Middle Tennessee

Tornadoes and Thunderstorms Expected to Hit Several Areas

Warnings about severe weather over the next three days has been issued by the meteorologists at the National Weather Service in areas including Nebraska, Texas, Oklahoma and Kansaas. Local residents are advised to be prepared for thunderstorms and tornadoes particularly this weekend.

According to AccuWeather.com, the thunderstorms could begin late Saturday and may last into the night starting from Nebraska to Texas and then progressing to other areas. Meteorologists believe that this could be the worst severe weather event of the season.

“South-central Kansas to west-central Oklahoma would be in an elevated risk area for severe weather Saturday evening,” Scott Breit, a meteorologist explained. The storms would then move over to hit Omaha, Nebraaska, Kansas, Oklahoma City and Dallas.

It has also been warned that the thunderstorms on Saturday would be severe but isolated and scattered. “A reason for extra concern this weekend is that tornadoes have been nearly non-existent so far and people tend to forget what they have learned from year to year,” senior vice president at AccuWeather, Mike Smith, added.


Thunderstorms, Tornadoes Approaching Several Regions

“Our run of relatively quiet weather may be about to come to an end,” operations chief at the Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Oklahma, Bill Bunting, added.

While it has generally been a quiet year for tornadoes so far, the weather is expected to take an abrupt tone.

Damaging straight line winds of more than 70mph with large hail are a possibility in addition to tornadoes, and this system is also expected to bring heavy rain, it has been reported.

Those headed for outdoor activities should delay their commitments and are advised to stay at home or in a safe shelter.

Tornadoes and Thunderstorms Expected to Hit Several Areas

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