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Bronx Zoo Welcomes a Pair of Baby Gorillas

Pair of Baby Gorillas Born in Bronx Zoo

The birth of two baby gorillas at the Bronx Zoo has sure made the city a little wilder. The babies will be in the company of 18 other gorillas at the zoo’s Congo Gorilla Forest which has the largest group of gorillas anywhere in North America.

The babies born in zoo to mothers named Julia and Tuti who are 33 years and 19 years old respectively with Emie 31 years old being the first time papa of both the babies. The gender of the babies are yet to be identified as the zookeepers have not closely examined them.
The mothers will closely hold the infant primates for the next three to four months and will not feed solid food for the next six months. Moreover, the babies will be nursed by their mothers till attaining the age of 3 to 4 years old.

The baby gorillas will then eventually grow and weigh 450 pounds with 6 feet tall.

Under a nationwide program aimed at increasing the genetic diversity of zoo animals, there have been 50 gorillas born as part of Species Survival Plan at Bronx Zoo since 1972.

Gorillas of western lowland which are native to equatorial Africa are regarded as critically endangered.
An amount of $ 12.5 million has been raised since its opening in 1999 by the Congo Gorilla Forest exhibit through admission fees for preservation work in Africa.

Pair of Baby Gorillas Born in Bronx Zoo

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