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Using Electron Beams Just Three Atoms Wide, Scientists Create the World’s Thinnest Nanowires

Electron Beams Create the World’s Thinnest Nanowire- Just Three Atoms Wide!

Using a beam of electrons, a team of researchers have now created what seems to be the thinnest nanowire that’s flexible, and just three atoms wide! This nanoscale wire may be helpful in creating paper-thin electronic devices (paper-thin cellphones anyone?), and may be the next big thing in technology.

Graphene is one of the best known monolayer material which is flexible and strong, and is a good replacement for the old silicon. However, it did create a lot of troubles when it came to creating electronic circuits, which is why, the researchers, led by Junhao Lin, a Ph.D. student from Vanderbilt University decided to use TMDC to create the tiny wires.

One of the best factors about TMDC is the fact that they occur naturally as monolayers, and can be easily used to construct thin nanowires.

“Junhao used a scanning transmission electron microscope (STEM) that is capable of focusing a beam of electrons down to a width of half an angstrom (about half the size of an atom) and aims this beam with exquisite precision,” Lin’s mentor, Wu Zhou, explained.  “This will likely stimulate a huge research interest in monolayer circuit design,” Lin said. “Because this technique uses electron irradiation, it can in principle be applicable to any kind of electron-based instrument, such as electron-beam lithography.”

This new research could help scientists create nanoscale wires that could be used in different devices and make them light and portable.

The findings of the study are now published in the journal Nature Nanotechnology.

Electron Beams Create the World’s Thinnest Nanowire- Just Three Atoms Wide!

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