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Top 10 Most Hated Foods in the United States

Everyone has food they hate. Whether it is physical or mental, some foods just taste terrible. Vegetables are the foods most disliked, but foods of all types can make people sick to their stomachs. Bad taste, strong flavor, or cringe-worthy texture often make certain foods scary to some.

So, what are the Top 10 most hated foods in the United States? Read the following list from Kitchen Daily and see if any of the ones you hate are disliked by other Americans. I doubt you will find ice cream on the list!

Image from: Cleverdonkey.com

Image from: Cleverdonkey.com

Top 10 Most Hated Foods in the United States

10. Cilantro. Some people are genetically predisposed to hate cilantro. Lacking a certain taste receptor, it tastes like soap or dirt for these unlucky people.

9.  Licorice. Yes, a candy makes the list. For some people, licorice lowers their potassium levels, which could screw up the rhythm of the heart. Too much licorice would actually be bad for their health. That leaves more for me!

8.  Mushrooms. Some people love them and others hate them. Did you know that a certain amount of maggot infestation is allowed in mushrooms approved for commercial sale? Enough said.

7.  Mayonnaise. Uncooked eggs. Yum! You can even find websites dedicated to the hatred for mayonnaise and t-shirts to express your disgust at the eggs and oil mixture.

6.  Oysters. Raw ones are still alive and they may actually stay alive for a short time after you swallow them. They are nasty, slimy blobs. They may be an aphrodisiac, but I think I’ll find other ways to get the motor revving!

5.  Celery. It’s tasteless, but not sure why it would make the most hated list. Perhaps people think chewing it is just a waste of time. In a different survey, celery topped the list of most hated vegetable (36% of adults hated it).

4.  Tofu. Just the name often inspires hatred. It’s spongy and absorbs the flavor of other foods. For this reason, some people think it is everything for everyone, while others think it is nothing for everyone. It seems like a Communist food to me – bland, tasteless, and as drab as food can be.

3.  Cheese Fondue. Who would have thought that cheese would make the list, but when it is melted and gooey, it’s not quite the same. Some think it makes for a romantic dinner, but you better make sure it’s not on your date’s hate list before you opt for a night of bread and gooey cheese sauce.

2.  Garlic. It’s not just vampires who can’t stand the stuff. The stinking rose is both loved and hated by many. For most haters, it’s the smell, and it’s hard to argue with them on that point. Once again, the more people who hate this, the more there is for me to eat!

1.  Brussels Sprouts. Proof that food that is good for you tastes terrible. Brussels sprouts bring a powerhouse of nutrition, but they are also the most hated food in America. People are told to eat their vegetables, but most people stay away from this one, including me. Just like cilantro, there may be a genetic component to explain your hatred for this dreaded vegetable.

Featured image from: Cleverdonkey.com

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About Fred Phillips

  • Aunt Pee

    Holy crap. Of this entire list there are only two that I agree with … oysters and licorice!

    • mplo

      I agree with the oysters and licorice, but I’m admittedly not crazy about Brussel Sprouts, either.

  • Mr_Scorpio

    I can’t stand cilantro. It tastes like soap to me too, always has. I read once that the soap taste can be attributed to a genetic factor. Some people have it, while others don’t. Mushrooms, on the other hand, are delicious when sautéed with wine and the right spices. However, you should wash all produce before preparing it for consumption.

  • phatkhat

    I love Brussels sprouts! And garlic and licorice and mushrooms. I agree celery and oysters are nasty. And now I know why I don’t like pico de gallo, which always tastes like dishwater, LOL!

  • alverant

    People don’t like Brussels Sprouts most of the time because they’ve been prepared wrong. You cut them in half and sautee them with bacon and blue cheese. If you steam or boil them, you’ll turn them to yucky mush.

  • Eric_Jaffa

    Regarding tofu, a big piece may seem gross. But a small, well-cooked cube will probably taste good.

    “Amy’s Organic Tofu Scramble” frozen dinner comes with potato and small cubes of tofu.

  • TheDaleks

    I used to hate Brussels sprouts, too, but then I discovered the secret: roasting them in the oven. It caramelizes them a little and brings out the sweetness. It’s great over a basmati or wild rice pilaf. Very easy to cook.

  • Virgil Williams

    Licorice is the only one on this list that I truly dislike, though I’m not necessarily a great fan of raw oysters. I prefer them cooked, baked, or scalloped, You don’t list liver, which is about the only thing that I just will not eat — unless it’s buried in a pate and is barely recognizable. Actually, I’m surprised that squid, octopus, or cuttlefish aren’t on the list. I like all three, though most Americans I know won’t consider going near any of them.

  • Nina Fonoroff

    As they say, “chacun à son gout.”

    But really, Fred Phillips, did you HAVE to display your complete ignorance of political history by likening tofu to Communism (of all things!) because you find it bland and boring? It’s likely you can’t form the remotest conception of what communism is, and have simply swallowed some good old American party line (from the Cold War era), describing Communism as a “lifestyle” that signifies everything that’s “bland, tasteless, and drab.”

    Well done, dude.

  • Belga Dear

    How to know this is crap – garlic is on the list (understandable) but onions aren’t.