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Texas Animal Clinic Under Fire for Deceptive and Unethical Practices

Camp Bowie Animal Clinic is under investigation after a family discovered that their dog was still alive and secretly being used for blood transfusions six months after the vet told them the animal needed to be euthanized.

In May 2013, Marian Harris and her family brought their 5-year-old Leonberger named Sid, into the animal clinic to be treated for a common anal gland issue.

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Camp Bowie Animal Clinic, the site where Sid the dog was kept secretly and used for blood transfusions after the pet’s owners were told he was euthanized
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Following his treatment, Sid was experiencing some problems walking and the family received heartbreaking news that the pup had a spinal condition that would severely worsen with time. According to court documents, the family was apprised their best option would be to put the dog down.

To make the process easier on the family, staff at the animal clinic offered to manage the euthanasia and burial arrangements to which the family tearfully agreed. They said their final goodbyes to their beloved dog, with the understanding that Sid would be buried on the vet’s farm.

Fast forward six months when Marian Harris received a shocking phone call from a former veterinary technician of the animal clinic, Mary Brewer, advising her that Sid was alive and mobile.

Brewer alleged that Sid was being kept in a cage ridden with urine and feces for a good part of the day, while being used for blood transfusions. She admitted that her departure from the clinic was due to animal mistreatment.

The family promptly put a plan in action to rescue their precious canine.  After driving to the clinic, they diverted the receptionist’s attention, while Jamie Harris slipped around back and successfully recovered Sid.

The cherished dog is now convalescing at the Harris home in Aledo and being treated by other veterinarians. According to the family’s lawyer, Jim Eggleston, it was determined by doctors that Sid has mange, shows definite signs of being used for blood transfusions and displays evidence of being “abusively kenneled.”

“The biggest hurt in all of this is the deception and what it means with something that means so much to you,” Marian Harris explained. “Our pets are family members.”

Fort Worth police made a full-blown raid of the animal clinic on Tuesday and seized two other dogs following a complaint the Harris family filed against the owner of Camp Bowie Animal Clinic, Lou Tierce.

According to Eggleston, the Texas State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners will convene in Austin soon on the matter, until then, an investigator from the board is meeting with Forth Worth police Wednesday morning to determine whether any criminal animal abuse charges will be filed. The Tarrant County Health Department is also immersed in the case as a result of the unsanitary conditions found at the clinic.

Texas Animal Clinic Under Fire for Deceptive and Unethical Practices


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