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California Wildfire Prompts Officials To Order Closure Of 9 Schools

Hot Santa Ana winds were expected to return Thursday, prompting officials to order nine schools near the southern California wildfire area above Rancho Cucamonga to remain closed. Temperatures in the area are expected to reach up to 100 degrees.

As winds that had gusted up to 80 mph Wednesday eased during the evening time, mandatory evacuation orders for 1,650 homes were canceled, though residents were cautioned to prepare to leave at any moment’s notice per the Washington Post.

southern california wildfire

A southern California wildfire prompted officials to order the closure of 9 schools.
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The southern California wildfire first began Wednesday morning in the foothills of the San Bernardino National Forest and quickly blazed its way across 1,000 acres of brush. The U.S. Forest Service continued to cite that figure late Wednesday, indicating that the fire had not spread for several hours.

Because the fire did not grow overnight, authorities say the thousand-acre wildfire is 10 percent contained at this time. U.S. Forest Service officials say crews building containment lines around the blaze Thursday are now shifting their focus to the fire’s west edge, where structure protection is in place.

Over 700 troops are working in unison to battle the fire on the ground.

Francisco Aguilar, a Los Angeles city firefighter who lives in Rancho Cucamonga, had to pick up his 11-year-old daughter Bella from school after her school was among those evacuated.

“It’s like a madhouse in there,” he told the San Bernardino Sun. “Parents are running around trying to grab their kids, and kids are covering their faces with tissue or their T-shirts.”

Resident Dennis Rudolph described his fear of having to pack up his belongs should his house succumb to the southern California wildfire and being forced to leave his home behind.

“The thought goes through your head that I’m going to lose it all,” he said.

No homes have been destroyed at this time. The only structure that has been burned was a fence.

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