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California Chrome Wins 2014 Kentucky Derby

Many people celebrated Derby Day today by watching the 2014 Kentucky Derby, and record numbers attended the event at Churchill Downs in Kentucky. The horse known as California Chrome was the crowd favorite coming into the event, and it proved to be the winner at the end. This gives California Chrome a shot at the winning the Triple Crown, which has not been completed since 1978.

California Chrome Wins 2014 Kentucky Derby

California Chrome Wins 2014 Kentucky Derby

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The best news to come from Kentucky today was the near record number of people who attended the Kentucky Derby. Attendance at the event reached near a record high today, signalling that the fanfare of horse racing still has its place in the entertainment industry. It was reported that 164,906 fans watched the Kentucky Derby live at the field. This event has been carrying on consistently for the past 140 years, making it part of not only Kentucky State history, but US history as well.

Horse breeders from all over the world vie for a chance to win the fabled Kentucky Derby, paying great sums of money to train and raise horses that are capable of consistently winning. The event itself is limited to only 20 horses, and qualification for the main event is earned through a points system accumulated from other events. This helps to ensure that all of the entrants into the event have earned their due respects, and have raced a hearty season. Though 20 may not sound like a large number, the race is not always run by so many horses. This year only 19 were able to run, and in years past the number has been much lower.

Those horses that can earn a win at the Kentucky Derby can earn a lot of money for their owners long after the race is over. The rights to breed the horses that win these caliber of events can earn the stables millions of dollars, which far exceeds most purse winnings from the races themselves. On the other hand, many wealthy people have lost their fortunes chasing the dream of owning a winning horse, with all of the expenses that come along with doing that properly.

California Chrome is a 3 year old thoroughbred colt from California.He became the 3rd ever horse from California to win the Kentucky Derby.

California Chrome Wins 2014 Kentucky Derby.

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