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Cornealious Anderson Never Served 13 Year Prison Sentence

A Missouri man was convicted of robbery in 2000, but was not sent to prison until 2013, after a clerical error was discovered. Apparently the paperwork wasn’t processed for 13 years for Cornealious Anderson‘s prison sentence, so he went about living his normal life in the meantime. After finally being arrested late last year, a judge decided to release him without him serving his sentence.

Cornealious Anderson Never Served 13 Year Prison Sentence

Cornealious Anderson

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Cornealious Anderson wasn’t just sitting around hoping that he would never serve his prison sentence. In fact, there were a few occasions where he directly asked what the status of his conviction was, and when he would begin serving his sentence. For most of the 13 years that Anderson waited for an answer, the conviction loomed over his head. This didn’t stop him from finding love, and starting a family of his own.

Anderson got married, raised children of his own, volunteered with his church and youth sports, and even started his own moderately successful business. This is not the typical behavior that you would expect to see from someone who was convicted of robbery in their younger years. He must have decided that he needed to change his way of life, and start living as a good example of what to do.

The irony of this situation is that Anderson’s freedom was only discovered when clerks attempted to process his paperwork to release him from prison. In July 2013 his original prison sentence would have ended, and it was after that when he was arrested. Because he was supposed to have served 13 years, the courts needed to decide what to do with him. Based off of his exemplary behavior and citizenry during the 13 years he was a free man, the judge decided that there was no need for Anderson to go to prison, and let him continue to be a free man.

Cornealious Anderson Never Served 13 Year Prison Sentence.

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  • Richard Draucker

    Brilliant. A judge with common sense.

  • Sandu Dorel

    I guess … in the end the law is not blind after all.