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Coca-Cola To Remove Brominated Vegetable Oil From Its Drinks

Coca-Cola has announced that it will be removing a controversial ingredient from its beverages in the near future. After many concerns were raised about the health risks of consuming brominated vegetable oil, the company has voluntarily decided to replace the ingredient with something less harmful. An online petition was signed by many users who wished for the company to consider removing the controversial ingredient in an effort to help make its customers healthier.

Coca-Cola To Remove Brominated Vegetable Oil From Its Drinks


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Brominated Vegetable Oil is an ingredient that is used for flavoring in many fruit flavored beverages, of which Coca-Cola produces Fanta and Powerade with these ingredients. The ingredient is used to suspend the fruit flavoring in the beverage, so that it does not separate and require shaking. In a carbonated beverage, shaking is not an option so this helps make the fruity drinks more enjoyable and convenient. The company plans to replace BVO with ingredients commonly found in chewing gum, which have the same suspension properties.

Pepsi plans to eliminate BVO from its beverages too by the end of the year, which will probably lead to more and more beverage makers to drop the ingredient all together. The ingredient didn’t ever see much use outside of the US in beverages, but it is a common ingredient in flame retardant materials. The controversial use of this ingredient for human consumption came under pressure as more and more medical research concluded that over consumption of BVO could lead to neurological and nervous system disorders.

The pressure coming from the public ultimately led to both beverage giants to begin taking it out of their drinks. The Food and Drug Administration fully allowed this ingredient to be in drinks, and will continue to do so in regulated amounts, until further evidence can be provided about its ill effects on humans.

Coca-Cola To Remove Brominated Vegetable Oil From Its Drinks.

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