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New Law Wants To Limit How Many Guests You Can Have At Your House

A new law in Fairfax County, seeks to limit the amount of people you are allowed to have in your house at one time. Will this affect your house party’s, family holiday gatherings and even business events?

Because of the context of the bill holiday events during the period of late winter could actually be affected.

  • The new law only applies to noise within residential buildings and areas—not sounds coming from commercial, industrial and government properties. Dog parks are not covered, for example.
  • Law affects noises that can be heard inside a home when the doors and windows are closed, as well as bans specific noise-making activities during certain times of day like using leaf blowers.
  • Due to a court ruling against Virginia Beach, this new law is a temporary solution while the county conducts a comprehensive overhaul of its existing noise ordinance.
Image from Wikipedia.

Image from Wikipedia.

The ammendment, which was originally presented to the Board of Supervisors on Feb. 18, would prohibit any group “exceeding forty-nine people in one day [from occurring] more frequently than three times in any forty day period.” They would also like to add more specific language in defining “a permissible ‘group assembly’”

The county’s official website states that there is due cause for the amendment.

“Over the last several years, there have been complaints from residents regarding frequent and large gatherings at neighborhood homes. These gatherings can create parking, noise, and other concerns for the neighborhood. Although occasional, large gatherings…are expected and permissible activities at a home, gatherings that occur on a regular basis involving numerous people can detract from the residential nature of a neighborhood…” the statement reads.

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