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Simon Baker To Return To CBS For Mentalist Season 7

While some were fearing the end of the long running series ‘The Mentalist’, CBS has confirmed that is will renew the show for its 7th season. In the coming days the network will be announcing the upcoming season schedule for fans. Speculation has it that the official schedule will be posted on May 14th. Simon Baker‘s fans have held out for his role as a clairvoyant crime detective.

Simon Baker To Return To CBS For Mentalist Season 7

Simon Baker The Mentalist Season 7

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‘The Mentalist’ fans were up in the air about whether the story line for the show’s plot would continue on. The mystery regarding the Red John came to an end, and it was looking like the show was about to run into some contractual issues. Contracts and agreements were mostly expired for the show at the end of its 6th season, and there were many shows getting cut from CBS’s lineup. The environment surrounding the show was not looking good, but fans help out hope and showed their support online for the show.

Since CBS did not have any new show’s to contend for ‘The Mentalist’s time slot, the network was most likely without too many options. It could be too risky for the network to try to have a totally new series gain any traction during the late night time slot, and it may have been financially better to just re-roll a successful show. There is also a lot of upcoming uncertainty about the late night TV schedule in the fall for shows that are scheduled to air after the football games on CBS. Any overlap time from the games will be cutting into the opening minutes of the scheduled series in that time slot.

Most of the other shows that did not share in this show’s fortune were hardly around long enough to gain a following, and that was part of their problem in the first place. Many avid TV watchers were probably unaware of the other ill-performing shows that CBS cut from its lineup. As many cable networks continue to produce movie quality series, such as WGN’s “Salem”, and AMC’s “Walking Dead”, the public’s expectations of late night entertainment will continue to rise. Even companies such as Netflix, and XBox One are showing that there is a lot of growing interest for premium TV shows, regardless of what format or network they are available from.

Simon Baker To Return To CBS For Mentalist Season 7.

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    Hurray, the best cop show ever, with a story line that gets the bad ones, protects the innocents, and demostrates that sleeping in a suit doesn’t mean looking scruffy the next day.