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Police: Sacramento Park Shooting Believed To Be Gang-Related

A birthday celebration for a baby held at a Sacramento park took a turn for the worse when a gunman opened fire killing one person and injuring six others. A child was among those that were injured during the tragic event.

The incident took place on Saturday at around 5:00 p.m. in Peregrine Park in northern Sacramento.

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A shooting at Peregrine park is believed to be gang-related police say.
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Officer Doug Morse told the Sacramento Bee that attackers walked up to the birthday party and opened fire, then fled the scene in a car.

A man that was in his 20’s was the victim that died at the scene. Police say he is believed to have been a gang member, which may explain why the horrific event took place. His name has not been released to the media at this time.

Morse said that six other people – including a seven-year old child – received non-threatening injuries and are expected to make a full recovery.

“Our gang detectives were called out so we are going to try to get to the bottom of that,” Police Officer Doug Morse told local media during a briefing at the scene.

Dozens of witnesses were in the park at the time of the attacks, Morse said. Witnesses describe hearing dozens of shots being fired and watching people dive to the grass for cover under picnic tables and playground equipment.

“I just dove to the ground. There was about 25-30 shots that rang out, everyone was screaming and yelling and just running all hysterical,” one witness told CBS affiliate KMAX-TV.

Police said California gang and homicide detectives were investigating the incident but believe that it might have been a gang-related shooting.

The group had gathered together at the Sacramento park to celebrate a child’s first birthday.

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  • Nathan

    Good thing California is a gun free zone.

    • naksuthin

      NO STATE IN THE USE IS GUN FREE. Not a single state in the Union is allowed to ban guns. Guns are sold freely in EVERY SINGLE STATE IN THE US….including California.
      So when you cite gun murders in ANY AMERICAN STATE…you are essentially making the argument that US GUN LAWS ARE A JOKE

      That’s one of the reasons the US has the HIGHEST GUN HOMICIDE RATES of any developed nation on earth.
      Out of 115 nation of the world that report gun homicides the US ranks 29th. (1st place being the WORST) Even the West Bank in Gaza , the Congo, Cambodia, Bangladesh and Vietnam have a lower gun homicide rate than the US (PER 100,000 POPULATION)

  • naksuthin

    Hardly a week goes by without a new report of ANOTHER mass gun shooting by some lunatic in the USA.
    ONCE AGAIN…Americans are still trying to figure out the solution to
    these gun shootings:. Is it “more guns”, “less guns” , “more mental
    heath care”, “more religion”,

    “less bullying” , “more armed guards” etc.

    Hey, Americans!! Just Look around you at the rest of the civilized world.
    Every other developed country in the world has ALREADY figured out how NOT make mass gun shootings a monthly news event.

    England, Sweden,
    Spain, Italy, Japan, New Zealand. Spain , Sweden, Finland, Denmark,
    Greece, Austria ,Canada, Australia, South Korea, Taiwan, China, France,
    Germany…all the other ADVANCED DEVELOPED countries of the world DON’T
    have these monthly shooting MASSACRES.

    Only in the USA have gun mass gun shootings become a WEEKLY ritual.


    It’s simple. Because other countries take gun ownership SERIOUSLY.
    in other countries can’t just walk into Guns Galore (the store near Ft
    Hood that has the distinction of having sold guns to TWO mass gun killers…so far) and buy an assault
    rifle… like a 6 pack of beer.

    Meanwhile….owning a lethal weapon in the US is a JOKE.
    can own a gun….”raging racists”. the mentally insane, the blind, drug
    addicts, alcoholics, suspected terrorists, people with uncontrollable
    rage, 4 year old toddlers, even people who don’t know which end of the
    gun is front…ANYONE..can own a deadly weapon that can cause mass

    Yet Americans are still scratching their heads trying to figure out
    why THEY are the only DEVELOPED country on earth with monthly gun mass
    shootings and massacres?

    When all the other ADVANCED countries around the world have already
    solved a problem that Americans still keep having month after
    month…year after year…and Americans STILL can’t figure out why they
    are the only one left with the problem.– It’s probably because

    Americans don’t have enough common sense to learn from other people.

    They have to keep making the same mistake over and over again.

    It’s called STUPIDITY.

    • Nathan

      Since all the ‘mass shooting’ shooters have been liberals taking some form of serotonin reuptake inhibitor, perhaps we should pass a new gun control law banning guns from liberals?

      PS: Gun control will never work when the same people who are trying to ban guns are trying to keep the borders wide open. How hard would it be for coyotes to simply add ‘benches’ filled with guns inside the trucks filled with illegals they are already smuggling across the border.

      PPS: California has some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation. See how effective they are? Or how about the gun free city of Chicago? Murder rates in Washington DC started dropping to the lowest levels recorded by the FBI since 2008 when the DC handgun ban was struck down.

      If you honestly believe gun control works, move to a city that is a bastion of liberal ideology like Detroit. Make sure you buy a good bullet proof vest.

      • naksuthin

        Why do you keep comparing one American city or state to another American state. The US has more guns in private hands than any other country…no matter which state.
        No American state has strict gun control laws. That’s because guns are NOT ALLOWED TO BE BANNED IN ANY CITY IN THE US.

        If you want compare the effectiveness of gun control…. compare the US to England, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Japan, New Zealand. Spain , Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Greece, Austria ,Canada, Australia, South Korea, Taiwan, , France, Germany….countries that have SANE, SENSIBLE, SAFE GUN LAWS.

        You will find you your argument won’t stand up to any of those countries.


        • Nathan

          Strictly speaking, with about 12,000 murders a year (and dropping according to the FBI’s crime database statistics) and about 195,000 deaths by medical malpractice per year on average, your over 16 times more likely to be killed by your doctor.

          So, where is the ‘common sense’ doctor control? I would try to point out things like culture and secured vs unsecured borders in the various countries you listed, but why bother. Hell you are probably using the same ‘gun deaths’ list that bloomberg uses that lists Tamerlan Tsarnaev as a poor innocent gun violence victim.

          • naksuthin

            Good point. But how many doctors do you know who have deliberately taken a scalpel, entered a hospital and start deliberately ripping out the guts of a ward of patients indiscriminately?

            NONE! Never.

            And how many mad, insane killers have taken a guns and started blazing away at a schoolroom , restaurant , shopping mall, temple, Navy Shipyard, University, political rally, theater, or military base??

            So many we’ve lost count.

            As far as the countries I mentioned THAT DON’T HAVE REGULAR GUN KILLINGS…the reason is obvious to all but the ignorant…..all of them have imposed sensible gun regulations to limit the ability of insane people and terrorists to just walk into a gun store and buy a semi automatic assault weapon like a pack of beer. THEY TAKE GUN OWNERSHIP SERIOUSLY.

            As far as difference in culture…. England, Canada and Australia are almost culturally identical to the USA….home to 90% world mass gun shootings….
            YET… You are 6 TIMES more likely to be murdered by a gun in the US than just across the border in Canada
            And 44 times more likely to be a gun homicide victim in the US than in England.
            Your chances of becoming a gun murder victim in the US is 50 times greater than in France, 99 times
            higher than South Korea, and a whopping 297 times greater than Japan.

            Maybe you are proud that only 10,000 people a year are gun homicide victims…but until you compare those numbers with countries who take gun ownership seriously….you are only fooling yourself.

          • Nathan

            I like how you fail to address the fact that all the ‘mass shooters’ have been liberals. Also, since assault rifles are hardly used at all when committing of a crime, why the push to ban them? More people are murdered in the state of california without using a firearm than are murdered nationwide with an ‘assault rifle’. (according to the FBI UCR table 20)

            According to the Justice Department report “Firearm Use by Offenders” if you combine the 8.3% who bought from a gun store and the .7% who bought from a gun show (the 2 places you gun control people like to attack) and then assuming that those 9% don’t go through the methods of the other 91%, then your common sense gun control would stop a grand total of 9% of gun crimes!

            You also fail to address the fact that you can not even begin to stop smuggling illegal weapons without a secure border. You also seem fine with murders committed using anything BUT a gun. You fail to recognize the number of times guns are used to prevent crimes. You have already adamantly stated that you oppose looking at areas of the country with strict gun control laws and comparing them to areas with less strict gun control laws. I know you don’t want to see the statistic of Washington DC in 1991 (right in the middle of DC’s famous handgun ban). The murder rate was 80.6 per 100,000 residents. The US total in ’91 was only 9.8. More than 8 times higher in a city that ‘common sense’ banned the law abiding from having handguns. (again using the FBI UCR tables)

            I guess I should also point out the article in the UK’s Guardian about how the UK’s law enforcement cook the books so to speak when it comes to crime reporting. But what is the point. You will never have the courage to actually look at the FBI’s own statistics so why would you look up the Guardian’s article. Go get some more ‘facts’ from the huffington post.

          • naksuthin

            FOR STARTERS: “you fail to address the fact that all the ‘mass shooters’ have been liberals. ”


            Also, since assault rifles are hardly used at all
            when committing of a crime, why the push to ban them?


            Here what I think we can both agree on.

            The US has LESS RESTRICTIVE GUN LAWS THAN IN England, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Japan, New Zealand. Spain , Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Greece, Austria ,Canada, Australia, South Korea, Taiwan, , France, Germany

            IN 2013 (LAST YEAR) There were more gun homicides committed in the US than in England, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Japan, New Zealand. Spain , Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Greece, Austria ,Canada, Australia, South Korea, Taiwan, ,
            France, Germany COMBINED

            IN 2013 (LAST YEAR) There were more GUN MASSACRES (4 OR MORE VICTIMS NOT INCLUDING THE ATTACKER) committed in the US than in England, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Japan, New Zealand. Spain , Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Greece, Austria ,Canada, Australia, South
            Korea, Taiwan, , France, Germany COMBINED

          • Nathan

            I like how you say ‘gun homicides’. So basically if I beat someone to death with a bat, you would not count that as a murder? Try comparing total numbers of murders in those countries with total number of murders in the US. That would be a more honest statistic.

            As for the liberal mass shooters, google any of their names:
            Aaron Alexis all the way back to Dylan Klebold (whose parents were hilariously against guns and concealed carry!)

          • naksuthin

            You made the wild claim that “all the ‘mass shooters’ have been liberals”
            So I presume you’ve done the research.

            So I’ll make it easy on you:

            Below is the complete FBI list of mass killings USING WEAPONS OF ALL TYPES in the US LAST YEAR.
            Show me the voting record of just 3 of these mass killers (mass killing defined as 4 or more victims not including the shooter) from the 2013 list of mass killings in the US.

            And while you are at it…….

            1. Make a note of which states these massacres occurred in (Blue liberal states like California , Illinois and New York as opposed to Red gun-friendly states like Texas, Oklahoma, S.C, Arizona).
            You will be surprised to learned that the gun friendly state of Texas tops the list for the most gun massacres in 2013 for any state…..while the liberal California….with 10 million more people than Texas only made the list once. And liberal “Chicago”…didn’t even make the list

            2.Make a note of the weapons used in these mass killings …GUN vs knives, bats, bombs and all other weapons.
            Once again…. An unpleasant surprise for gun advocates. Out of 26 mass murders last year, a gun was used 92% of the time. Could mass killers have used other weapons? Sure. But why would they when they can use a weapon of mass destruction like a semi automatic. And Bombs and hand grenades weren’t even used ONCE……………………because they are illegal.

            3. Make a note of the type of killing: Crime vs Family shootings. Once again You’ll be shocked to find that most mass murders were committed by FAMILY members using guns they bought (for self protection??)…not gang bangers using stolen weapons

            Here is the FBI list of the mass killings in the US for 2013.

            12/1/13 Topeka Kan. Shooting Family killing 4
            11/23/13 Tulsa Okla. Shooting Other 4
            11/7/13 Jacksonville Fla. Shooting Other 4
            10/29/13 Callison S.C. Shooting Family killing 5
            10/28/13 Terrell Texas Shooting Other 5
            10/26/13 Phoenix Ariz. Shooting Other 4
            10/26/13 New York N.Y. Stabbing Family killing 5
            10/9/13 Paris Texas Shooting Other 4
            9/20/13 Rice Texas Shooting Family killing 4
            9/16/13 Washington D.C. Shooting Public Killing 12
            9/11/13 Crab Orchard Tenn. Shooting Robbery/burglary 4
            8/14/13 Oklahoma City Okla. Shooting Family killing 4
            8/7/13 Dallas Texas Shooting Family killing 4
            7/26/13 Clarksburg W.Va. Shooting Other 4
            7/26/13 Hialeah Fla. Shooting Public Killing 6
            6/7/13 Santa Monica Calif. Shooting Public Killing 5
            5/13/13 Fernley Nev. Shooting, Stabbing Robbery/burglary 5
            5/11/13 Waynesville Ind. Shooting Other 4
            4/28/13 Ottawa Kan. Shooting Family killing 4
            4/24/13 Manchester Ill. Shooting Family killing 5
            4/22/13 Federal Way Wash. Shooting Family killing 4
            4/18/13 Akron Ohio Shooting Robbery/burglary 4
            4/15/13 Boston Mass. Blunt force Public Killing 4
            3/13/13 Herkimer N.Y. Shooting Public Killing 4
            1/19/13 Albuquerque N.M. Shooting Family killing 5
            1/7/13 Tulsa Okla. Shooting Robbery/burglary 4

          • Nathan

            Looks like my last post got deleted, probably because I linked to the articles I pulled stats and quotes off of. So you will have to search for those articles yourself to verify.

            “Yes, that’s right: Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy told WGN Radio this week that Chicago’s homicide rate is “still ahead of where we were last year, which was a record.” The number of homicides in Chicago last year dropped to 415, compared to 503 in 2012, an 18% drop. That lower level hasn’t been seen since 1965.” -CNN article

            So, adding up every one of the ‘mass killings’ across the ENTIRE nation, that you yourself listed, doesn’t even come close to the number of people murdered in 1 singular city. More people are killed every year in California without a firearm being used then are killed, once again, nation wide in ‘mass killings’. (FBI Uniform Crime Resource tool, table 20)

            As a fun side note, concealed carry was legalized in Chicago mid 2013. Look at that murder rate dropping. The inconvenient truth is you have been lied to. The assault rifle ban was lifted in 2004. Nation wide, even in places like California, gun control laws are being struck down as unconstitutional. The population is growing and yet the total murders AND murder rates are falling. Seriously, go to the FBI UCR website and see for yourself. Great tool, you can even create custom tables to directly compare various states vs states or vs US as a whole.

            Convince me that the about 120 killed in ‘mass killings’ is such a huge threat and concern but the 195,000 people killed by doctors making mistakes is nothing to be worried about. Especially since going to the doctor is basically mandatory now.

            Go to youtube and look up this video:
            “The Armed Citizen II: Public Defense”

            The very first one of the security camera videos shows a group of armed thugs robbing a store with a grey haired old women working as the clerk. See what happens when the thing liberals fear the most happens. I know it is a scary video, but try and watch it. Even shows an interview with someone who lost her parents in the Luby’s ‘mass killing’.