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Google Testing New GMail Design

Google is testing a new G-mail design that is rumored to be nothing short of a stunning, massive overhaul.  According to online sources such as Geek.com and PCMag.com, the revamp may involve a “pinning” system and a new menu.  Google is said to be constantly working on ways to improve both the features and the overall design of the popular product and now is supposedly considering major updates to both the mobile and desktop versions in order to streamline them.

Sources indicate that Google Hangouts is now built in to the revised interface. Additionally, there is also a big “+” icon in the new Gmail’s bottom right-hand corner that when clicked brings up a new pop-up menu which allows users to write new messages.


Google is testing a new Gmail

PCMag.com reported that Google’s potential new layout has a completely overhauled menu that perfects the links sidebar into a tab that users can easily navigate “in and out of the browser window.”

The new version of Gmail will eliminate tabbed email boxes. In their place is a “grouped in the inbox” area that “automatically sorts your email by topic: Travel, Purchases, Finance, Social, Updates, Forums, and Promos.”

As noted above the updated Gmail interface will debut a “pinning” system – much like Windows 8 – in place of the current “stars” feature which is one of Gmail’s oldest items. A PCMag report elaborates: “A sorting button at the top of the Inbox will allow users to sort their messages and pull these pinned items to the top or, if they prefer, they can revert back to the more traditional chronological style of message display.”

Much to the chagrin of anxious Gmail users and tech lovers alike, this new Gmail interface may very well never make it past the testing phase. Russell Holly of Geek.com told the press that Google has not–nor may they ever—announce an official release date. In fact it is still not known if Google will ever officially institute any of the options being tested.

Holly was, however, sure of one thing. He concluded: “After spending a few minutes in this interface it is clear that Google is eager to shake things up in Gmail.”

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