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Texas A&M Regent: Let’s Name Stadium ‘The House That Johnny Built’

Johnny Manziel has helped put Texas A&M on the football loving map so it only makes sense to rename the football stadium ‘The House That Johnny Built.’



Right? If you ask one of the school’s regents the answer is yes.

Texas A&M was on the map within the state of Texas prior to the ascension of Manziel, but outside of the Lone Star State it was not regarded as having a very competitive team. The move to the SEC was being heavily ridiculed, and many thought they were going to be slaughtered in the toughest conference in college football.

Thanks to Manziel that was far from the case. By becoming the first freshman to win the Heisman and leading the team to two bowl wins and back to back top 25 finishes the football team is now known nationwide.

With the team doing so well it was not hard to collect the necessary donations to give Kyle Field–the team’s football stadium–some serious renovations. Manziel’s success probably did have a lot to do with it–and that is enough of a reason for A&M regent Jim Schwertner to rename the field after him.

Kyle Field: The House That Johnny Built.

Yes–he is serious too.

As great an honor as it would be for Manziel–who has trademarked the phrase–it is unlikely that the university will rename its stadium after him. That is, assuming that the rest of the regents, the alumni, and student body don’t agree with Schwertner.


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