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Detroit Pistons Hire Stan Van Gundy as New Head Coach

Stan Van Gundy has been on a vacation of sorts since leaving Orlando in 2012, but it appears that he will be back on the sideline–this time for Detroit.



An official announcement has not been made yet, but several sources are reporting that the team has agreed in principle to bring him on as the head coach and president of basketball operations. The deal is though to be a for five years and $35 million.

Personnel aside, Van Gundy has a solid resume and could very well be the man the kind of person the Pistons need to turn the franchise around. In his seven full seasons (he resigned 21 games in to the 2005-06 season with Miami) he guided the team to the post season in each. He lost in the first round three times, conference semifinal twice, and conference finals twice,

In an interview last week he was on the fence about returning to the NBA (via ESPN):

“Part of me does, and part of me doesn’t,” Van Gundy told the network. “Look, we’re so happy in Central Florida. It would really have to be a great situation for me to get back in. I miss a lot of it. I really do. I miss the competition. I miss the challenge. I miss the camaraderie of it. But I also like the time that I’ve had, so we’ll just have to see what happens. You weigh every situation.”

Apparently the situation in Detroit is a great one. The team is expected to make his hiring official Wednesday.

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