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Michael Sam Oprah: OWN Network to do Documentary on Sam

Michael Sam Oprah: The St. Louis Rams defensive end will end up going down in history as the most publicized seventh round pick in the history of the NFL.



Ever since he announced to the world that he is gay the spotlight has been shining bright on the former Missouri defensive end. His every move has been well documented–from his poor showing at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis to his infamous kiss with his boyfriend that was broadcast and replayed many times by ESPN.

In spite of the spotlight and the detractors the dream is on the way to being realized. Seventh round picks are not necessarily a lock to make the team, and Rams head coach Jeff Fisher has made it clear he will not hesitate to cut Sam if he doesn’t perform.

So you have a huge,  hidden secret, the big reveal, some drama and disappointment (the combine), getting picked, the kiss–you pretty much have the makings of the perfect feel good film of the summer.

So whose going to make the movie? As it turns out someone is going to make the movie–Oprah Winfrey. The media mogul is going to be making a docu-series of Michael Sam and his journey to the NFL.


This makes it sound as if the cameras are going to be on him while he attends workouts and in practice. With the way that most teams profess an intense hatred for  doing the popularity reality show Hard Knocks you would think they would have an issue with it.


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