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Hero Cat to Throw Out First Pitch at Minor League Game

Dog may be man’s best friend, but one little boy in California is likely going to be a cat person for life after the family feline saved him from a dog.

It’s a pretty incredible story. Four year old Jeremy Triantafilo was riding his bike near the end of his family’s driveway when a dog ran up and attacked him. Mom witnessed the attack, but before she could respond the family cat–Tara–raced out, attacked the dog, and even gave chase until the dog was gone!

Luckily young Jeremy was not hurt too bad. His parents took him to the hospital where he got 10 stitches to close up the cuts.

Security video from the incident has gone viral and even made CNN. Someone from the Bakersfield Blaze, the single-A affiliate for the Cincinnati Reds, must have seen it and fell in love with the heroic cat, Tara, like much of the country (at least every parent). The team has since reached out to Tara’s owners to see if they would be interested in her throwing out the first pitch at an upcoming game.

The family said yes so now Tara and Jeremy will take the mound prior to the team’s game on May 20. Look for the video of that to go viral on May 21.



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