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Arrest Made For The California Wildfires

It was revealed Thursday night by the Escondido Police Department that there was an arrest made for the California wildfires.

Arrest Made For The California Wildfires - photo courtesy of Imgur

Arrest Made For The California Wildfires – photo courtesy of Imgur

A pair of suspects, Isaiah Silva, 19, and a 17-year-old juvenile who wasn’t named have been arrested under suspicion of trying to start a fire according to investigators. It is yet unknown if the pair had anything to do with starting the blaze that is currently burning the area outside of San Diego.

According to the police, the pair were accused of trying to start two brush fires. The pair were arrested after witnesses reported seeing them attempt to start the fires.

The eight separate fires that are currently burning through the area have already blazed more than 10,000 acres of land and destroyed many homes and other structures that are in their path.

Many have been forced to evacuate their homes as 16,000 new evacuation orders were passed down for San Marcos and Escondido according to local authorities.

Local officials stressed the importance of evacuating for those who have been given the order.

According to recent reports, the blaze is nearly ten percent contained and the weather is starting to turn more favorably with temperatures and winds dying down.

The fierce winds and flame have spawned many “firenadoes” causing the fires to spread incredibly fast.

Even though more than 15,000 residents have been evacuated, some have already returned to where the fires ravaged their homes and have found rubble and ash where their homes once stood.

The fires have been raging since Tuesday and with temperatures in the 100’s, the blazes have been difficult to contend with.

“The last three years have (been) the driest in California’s recorded history,” Said California Gov. Jerry Brown.

Local fire officials have stated that the fires in California this year are unprecedented in the states history and have cited the drought as a major factor.

Arrest Made For The California Wildfires



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