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Adam Scott Unseats Tiger Woods as No. 1 Golfer in the World

Adam Scott has been playing some good golf of late; so good that he has been the No. 2 golfer in the world behind Tiger Woods for the last 38 weeks.



That is, until now.

When the new rankings are released on Monday Scott will have unseated Tiger and taken over as the new No. 1 golfer in the world.

“I hope I’m keeping myself in a similar kind of position for awhile,” said Scott at the Players Championship (via Golf. com). “But I haven’t really thought about it too much. I’m really just into the process of trying to get my game better all the time. Pretty much wins takes care of all the rankings and all the questions.”

Tiger Woods was going to drop from the top spot eventually since he hasn’t played in months and is recovering from back surgery he had on March 31. He had held the top spot for the last 60 weeks making his career total 683 weeks in the top spot.

The 33-year old Scott becomes just the second Australian to ascend to the top spot in the world, but in doing so he puts himself in pretty good company. The other Australian was the legendary Greg Norman.

Tiger is expected to return to the links in the summer so if he wants to keep it he better get to work!


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