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NJ Judge Prohibits Mother From Posting About Her Family On Facebook

A woman in New Jersey was ordered by a judge to stop posting about her children and ex-husband on Facebook and other online sites. The judge had initially ruled that the woman’s continual ranting about her children and ex-husband were getting out of hand, and had ordered her to stop doing it. This made the woman understandably angry, as who else was she going to tell bad things about her ex-husband to other than strangers on the internet? Nobody else would presumably want to listen to someone go on and on about the same topic day in and day out. Perhaps her ranting was therapeutic for her, but the judge deemed it irrational and unnecessary.

NJ Judge Prohibits Mother From Posting About Her Family On Facebook

NJ Woman Prohibited From Posting On Facebook

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Since this Jersey girl wasn’t just going to sit at home quietly and let someone else pontificate about what she can and can’t do with her keyboard, she appealed the judge’s initial ruling. She stated that the judge was violating her 1st Amendment rights by not allowing her to freely express herself on her own Facebook account. After all, that does sound reasonable to assume that this situation would violate her rights. Well apparently, the court ruled that the judge’s order was not in violation of her rights, and that she was just in violation of good taste and appropriate use of her time.

To really see the whole picture, and to piece together what kind of crazy lunatic this woman supposedly was, you would need to look into some of her history and her posting habits. First off, she abducted her kids from her ex-husband about 3 years ago and attempted to leave the country with them, strike one for being bat dropping crazy. Strike two was posting constantly about how much she disliked her ex-husband, ain’t nobody out there enjoying reading about that. I bet that caused a lot of eye rolling and sighing among her limited number of friends who had to scroll past her spam messages all the time. Seriously, let’s stop airing our dirty laundry on News Feed. And the third strike for this woman that pretty much sealed the deal for the court was frequently posting quotes from Hitler, Satan, and Jeffrey Dahmer on her Facebook page.

Well she may not be happy, but at least that is one less crazy woman posting her drama on Facebook that you won’t have to worry about. Now only time will tell if she does the truly crazy-lady thing of creating a fake profile just to stalk her ex-husband’s posts, and try to trap him into a long distance love affair with a false identity that she creates to lure him back into her life.

NJ Judge Prohibits Mother From Posting About Her Family On Facebook.

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