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California Chrome To Compete In Belmont Stakes With Nasal Strips

Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner California Chrome has their eyes set on the Triple Crown, as they prepare for the Belmont Stakes on June 7, 2014. The controversy surrounding the teams desire for the horse to wear a nasal strip during the race has finally come to a close, as officials have decided to allow the horse to wear the device. If California Chrome can pull off a win at the Belmont Stakes, it would become the first Triple Crown winner in 36 years. The decision to allow the horse to wear the nasal strips could change the outlook of horse racing in the future, as other competitors may be looking to use these or other similar devices to gain competitive advantages.

California Chrome To Compete In Belmont Stakes With Nasal Strips

California Chrome Nasal Strips Belmont Stakes

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California Chrome’s team has seemed like they were going to withdraw from the Belmont Stakes when they were first told that they would need to compete without the use of the controversial nasal strips. The pressure mounting behind the sports shining star to win the Triple Crown may have ultimately guided the decision of the officials to cave in to the demands. As horse raising reaches near record attendance this year, the need for something magnificent to happen, like a Triple Crown win, may just be enough buzz to shoot the sport back into the spotlight.

The owners of California Chrome are holding out hope that the horse can back up its previous two wins with a victory at the Belmont Stakes, as the desire to sell breeding rights for champion horses is high. If the horse can win the Triple Crown, it would become the only living champion. That would make the value of the horses offspring very lucrative. Such is the business of professional horse racing, and all of the millions of dollars that gets invested into breeding and training horses to be competitive in the sport.

Equine nasal strips are designed to lift the nasal passages of the horse, and preventing a collapse during heavy breathing that could cause a reduction in oxygen intake. The result is a more consistent nasal passage, where air can move more rapidly and freely to the horse’s lungs. These strips have been used by human athletes in other sports, and on their own do not make athletes superstars. These strips do however grant a non-surgical remedy to people and animals with nasal restrictions, to allow them to breathe more freely.

Now that there have been special accommodations made for California Chrome to compete in the upcoming race, does this spell a change of things to come? Will professional racing forever be changed by the use of nasal strips and other performance aids? Will there be special recognition given to those past champions who competed in an era before these types of enhancements were allowed? Only time will tell how well the sport weathers such treatment, and what will happen as competitiveness continues to increase.

California Chrome To Compete In Belmont Stakes With Nasal Strips.

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