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Woman Calls in 2 Bomb Threats in Attempt to Stop Graduation Ceremony

A 22-year-old woman has found herself in hot water after allegedly calling in two bomb threats to Quinnipiac University in an effort to cancel the school’s graduation event over the weekend. Danielle Shea’s reasoning behind why she wanted the college graduation cancelled comes with a strange twist.

“Police found Shea inside the TD Banks Sports Center with the other graduates. They say she was even wearing a cap and gown, but was never going to graduate. When pressed, police said Shea told them her mother paid her thousands of dollars this year.” (WFSB)

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Hamden Police Department

The thousands of dollars her mother had given her were intended to be spent on her education, but WTIC reports that she didn’t attend college the past year at all. Police say Shea panicked as graduation rolled around and called in the bomb threats in hopes the ceremony would be cancelled so her family wouldn’t find out she would not be graduating.

Police were able to trace the calls back to Shea’s cell phone which helped them to determine who the suspected bomb threat caller was.

The Hartford Courant says the first bomb threat was called into the library, and while authorities were searching, a second call was received saying there were several bombs around campus and not clearing out the graduation ceremony wasn’t “a good idea.”

Police have yet to reveal how they found Shea inside the arena packed with students. She has now been charged with falsely reporting an incident and threatening in the first degree.

“Shea confessed after being arrested. … She’s being held on a $20,000 bond and will appear in court later this month.” (Via WTNH)

The ceremony eventually did take place, and those that deserved diplomas received them. Shea understandably is in trouble with authorities, and now surely with her mother after all her scheming.

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