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$60 Million High School Stadium in North Texas Closed For Next Season

Folks in Texas don’t just like their football–they love it! How else do you explain a $60 million high school stadium being built in a North Texas town.



Now if only it could actually be used for football games…

The construction of the Allen Eagles $60 million palace made national news when it  was completed, and now just two years later it has been shut down–possibly for good, but definitely for next season.

When it shut down in February it was temporarily and in order to assess the damage before figuring out what to do next. Cracks in the concrete gave rise to structural integrity concerns. At first it was believed that shrinkage in the concrete had caused it, but a new report blames the damage on design deficiencies.

“The stadium is not safe for public assembly,” Superintendent Lance Hindt said.

Home games for next season will be played in a couple of stadiums in nearby Plano at the cost of $5300 each, not including the loss of season ticket sales. Depending on what the final report on the stadium says in June who knows when their home games will have a home to play in.

One of the two companies involved in the construction of the stadium showed some willingness to correct the flaws when it put $1 million in escrow, but the other refused after initialing agreeing to do so over fear of sounding like they were admitting fault. The school district has not said it is looking to go to court, but it has mentioned the possibility.

“I can’t speculate whether this will be litigated in the future,” Hindt said. “All I can tell you is we’re going to get the stadium we paid for.”

But if the structural integrity is too bad will it be worth fixing at all?

That is something that can’t be known until the current study is completed.


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