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Colorado Mom Miraculously Found Alive Six Days After Car Crash

A Colorado mom who lost both her feet after being trapped in car wreckage for six days, is speaking out for the first time about her horrifying ordeal, saying thoughts of her four children kept her from giving up hope.

The 43-year-old single mother recalls leaving work on April 27, and taking her usual route home on highway 285.  The next thing she remembers is waking up the next day trapped in her vehicle that was flipped upside down, 120 feet below the freeway.

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Colorado mom, Kristin Hopkins, recovers from double amputation surgery after surviving six days without food or water, when her car plunged 120 feet off freeway embankment.
Courtesy of Kristin Hopkins Recovery Facebook

“I remember waking up and it was daylight and I was like, ‘What the heck happened?'” Hopkins said. “One thing I did, and I don’t know why, I tried to turn the car on. I don’t know where I was going to go. It was upside down.”

After suffering significant trauma, Kristin Hopkins, 44, found herself stranded in her mangled Chevrolet Malibu for six grueling days, all without any means of food or water. Doctors affirm she was just eight hours from death’s door when she was discovered by two passing motorists, Andy and Hope Lombard on May 4.

Reported missing on April 29, Hopkins was unconscious when she was finally discovered and was immediately transported to St. Anthony Hospital with critical injuries, as her internal organs had  begun to shut down and her feet were severely crushed in the crash. Doctors were left with no choice but to perform a double amputation surgery.

Reflecting on the traumatic experience, Hopkins remarkably has no recollection of the pain. She remembers feeling the dampness of the blood on her skin and clothing, but thoughts of her kids gave her the will she needed to persevere.

“I never had the death thought in my head,” she said. “It was more or less like all right, well, when will someone find me?”

The resilient mom miraculously mustered up the strength to pen notations on an umbrella and stick it out her crumbled car door. On the white panels of the sunshade, she managed to etch the words: “Hungry, thirsty, need a doctor”, although she has no recollection of doing so.

‘The one door I could open this much, I got the umbrella out and I opened it and it stayed there. …I don’t remember what day that was,’ she said.

It took a lot of strength and fortitude on Hopkins part to survive the excruciating six-day ordeal.  Her shear determination, along with the faces of her four loving children, Thor, Dane, Juno and Ekko, continue to be the driving force towards Hopkins successful recovery, as she endures painful physical therapy sessions.

“I can, I will. End of story,” she said.

Colorado Mom Miraculously Found Alive Six Days After Car Crash










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