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Legendary College Football Coach/Analyst Lou Holtz Retiring

He’s said it before, but someone ESPN manages to talk him in to coming back, but at 77 it may very well be time for this headline–Lou Holtz Retiring.



Legendary college football coach and longtime college football analyst Lou Holtz says that this coming season will be his last in the game. Assuming he does it is kind of hard to argue with his logic.

“I’d like to practice my golf a little more. I’ve been everywhere except to bed. I’ve spoken to everybody except my wife. Somebody said, ‘Do you ever go anywhere where people don’t recognize you?’ I said home. I owe it to her to spend a little more time with her. I said that last year too.”

Holtz is best known for the decade he spent at Notre Dame (1986-96) where he won his only national championship in 1988 after notching a win the Fiesta Bowl and going undefeated. He retired from the Fighting Irish following the ’96 season, but came out of retirement  to coach South Carolina (1999-04).

He did coach one season in the NFL ; with the 1976  New York Jets (he went 3-12).

“I’d like to leave when people say, ‘Why are you leaving?’ not ‘When are you leaving?’” he said. “This is my fifth last year…There comes a time where you need to step aside and let the younger people do it.”


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