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What is Jessica Chastain Really Up To?

According to The Wrap, it is starting to look like actress Jessica Chastain will not be joining the cast of True Detective season 2, but what is Jessica Chastain really up to?

What is Jessica Chastain really up to? - photo courtesy of Imgur

What is Jessica Chastain really up to? – photo courtesy of Imgur

Nerdist reported in an exclusive on Tuesday that the 37 year old actress had been offered the lead role for next season but had yet to accept. Series creator Nic Pizzolatto had been saying that the series would focus on a more female-driven cast for season 2, and Chastain is a very hot name right now.

“I can tell you she’s not doing this project officially,” said Chastain’s publicist, Nicole Perna.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that Chastain wasn’t offered the role and also because of the way that it is worded it could just mean that she just hasn’t accepted the role yet. However, one look at Chastain’s IMDB page and it seems much less likely that it is a real possibiltiy.

Chastain is incredibly busy with four different movies in post-production including Miss Julie, A Most Violent Year and Christopher Nolan’s highly anticipated Sci-Fi flick Interstellar, which coincidentally stars Matthew McConaughey who starred in season 1 of True Detective.

In addition to that, she also has several films in pre-production including Blonde, where she is set to play Marilyn Monroe and perhaps most notably a rumored role in the next Mission Impossible film. With at least 7 movies at some point into their development, Chastain is incredibly busy and it seems very unlikely that she would have time to fit in shooting an HBO series on top of that.

True Detective was one of the most surprising successes of last year that left fans clamoring for more. The finale of the show was in such high demand that it caused a crash of the HBO streaming service, HBO GO.

At the moment it isn’t clear when HBO will be airing season 2 of True Detective, but it looks like Chastain won’t be involved.

What is Jessica Chastain Really Up To?

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