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Dust Storm Kills 6 in New Mexico Freeway Crash

A fast-moving dust storm resulted in a fatal traffic collision in New Mexico which killed six and crashed seven vehicles. The remote stretch on the highway is an area where such weather events are a seasonal hazard, a New Mexico State Police spokesperson said on Friday.

The crash took place near the town of Lordsburg, New Mexico on Thursday night which caused a section of the freeway to be closed until Friday morning, Captain Robert Gomez of the New Mexico State Police said.

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Three semi-tractor trailers, three passenger vehicles, and one motor home were involved in the chain reaction crash on Thursday evening in the eastbound lane of Interstate 10, several miles from the Arizona border, he said.

The vehicles got caught in a zero visibility dust storm, and one motorist slowed down, causing a fatal chain reaction that resulted in death, Gomez said. Six people were killed in the tragic crash, he stated.

“It was a fast moving dust storm caused by gusts that was bringing in thunderstorms into the area, causing zero visibility,” Gomez said.

Police said their “initial investigation has revealed that due to a severe dust storm, several vehicles, both passenger vehicles and Commercial Motor Vehicles (CMV), were involved.”

Southern New Mexico is widely known for blinding spring dust storms, and the highway department has tried to take precaution by placing warning signs throughout the region to highlight the risk of danger. Still, to no avail tragic, fatal accidents can still take place should one arise in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Dust Storm Kills 6 in New Mexico Freeway Crash

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