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Pillowcase Rapist Being Released From California Prison Despite Assaulting 40 Women

Residents near Palmdale California aren’t feeling very comfortable with the fact that the Pillowcase Rapist will be released from prison, and living in their neighborhood. Christopher Evans Hubbart, now a 63 year old parolee, admitted to assaulting and raping at least 40 women in California during the 1970’s and 80’s. He has since served a long time in the care of the Justice System, and has ordered to be released on Friday from a state mental hospital and sent to his new address near Palmdale California.

Pillowcase Rapist Being Released From California Prison Despite Assaulting 40 Women

Palmdale Resident Upset About Released Serial Rapist

Image from City-Data

Hubbart will wear an ankle braclet while living on his own, but that still doesn’t make his neighbors feel any better about the situation. Many residents had written letters and gathered petitions to attempt to get the judges to not allow a convicted serial rapist to live near their homes. Hubbart was originally convicted of raping multiple women near Los Angeles in the 1970’s but was later released near San Francisco where he continued to attack more women before being caught again. Then in the 1990’s he had reached parole again and was caught attempting to assault another woman.  His past history has many residents worried that he would do the same thing in their town once released.

Only time will tell if the past 30-plus years of confinement and treatment have turned Christopher Evans Hubbart into a different man. He is not as spry of a young man as he once was in his 20’s and 30’s (when he committed his acts), and the state of California seems to think that he is a changed man. This is definitely not the first time that he has been released, but will hopefully be the last.

During Hubbart’s crime sprees, he had a known history of searching for houses where married women were left at home alone in the mornings. His motive was to scout out houses where the husbands had left for work but forgot to close the garage doors. This typically left the door from the garage to the house unlocked and easy to enter. He would surprise and then overtake the women, usually still in their beds sleeping. During his brutal assaults he would cover the women’s faces with a pillow so that their screaming did not alert the neighbors as easily. While effective, his methods made him easier to link to all of the related rape cases which he later admitted to.

Pillowcase Rapist Being Released From California Prison Despite Assaulting 40 Women.

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  • Imskeptical

    Anyone who commits that many rapes should die in prison. Unless he has supposedly “changed” AND has been surgically castrated so that he is no longer physically capable of rape, and is much less likely to be violent due to hormonal changes, he should remain in prison.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Good news. Give that man a job in gov Moonbeam’s campaign.

  • Bill Gradwohl

    The “state” protected him for many years by putting him in protective custody (prison) at the taxpayers expense. Now he’s out. Is he rehabilitated? That question doesn’t deserve an answer. If he had been caught in the act by someone with the means to inflict suitable and immediate punishment, he’s be dead. That’s what he deserves.

    • Nathan Merrill

      If they aren’t threatening someone’s life, you’re just a murderer.

      The rules of self defense are pretty simple, really.

      • Bill Gradwohl

        You’re right, I would murder him. He deserves it.

        As far as the “rules” for self defense go, I don’t agree with the rules laid down by a bunch of politicians who get armed guards and/or secret service protection while they tell the rest of us to disarm and stay defenseless. The law wants to create victims so that it can supposedly punish the bad guys. In fact, all the law wants to do is further the political establishments power over us, nothing more. Wake up.

        • Nathan Merrill

          This is pure and simple nonsense borne out of fanaticism.

          Self-defense is trivially simple: you may harm others only so far as is necessary to defend yourself and others from physical harm. This ensures that the minimum amount of harm is done.

          The only people who disagree with this are brutal savages who are welcome to leave the United States and move to more backwards places where that sort of nonsense is acceptable.

          You have no right to harm others unless it is necessary to protect yourself or another. Vigilantism is bad because everyone always sees their own actions as 100% justified. You see your actions the same way.

          That’s why you cannot be allowed to be a vigilante; you have no sense for justice. You’re one of those primitive, tribal savages who only understands the concept of the bigger stick, and even that only barely.

          The laws were not created because politicians have bodyguards or for any other such nonsensical, insane, conspiratorial reasons; the laws were created because they were necessary, and indeed predate most politicians having bodyguards at all. Assault and murder are foul, but sometimes, a law-abiding citizen must resort to violence to protect themselves or another. Self-defense is simply a very narrow but necessary exception to the general rules against assault and murder.

          Reciprocal altruism and respect for the rules are vitally important in any large society; without it, everyone just murders their neighbors at random.

          You’re welcome to move to some backwards hellhole like Afghanistan if you don’t like it. But if you want to live in a civilized society, you need to respect the rules. And one of those rules is that we have a court system for punishing criminals, and we abide by its rulings. Those who do not abide by the rulings of the justice system are the worst kind of scum, because they are trying to tear down the very foundations of our civilization.

          • Bill Gradwohl

            When the legal system protects a known violent individual, I can no longer have any respect for that system. When a system repeatedly fails to protect the innocent, it is of no value and hence needs to be sidestepped.

            This has nothing to do with self defense. It has everything to do with retribution and sending out a message that there is a steep price to pay for violence commuted against an innocent party.

            The state decided to let this POS continue breathing and thereby it was responsible for the crimes committed after the first time he was released. Had the right thing been done, those additional victims would have been spared.

            You can take all your high sounding civilized nonsense and stick it, as the state routinely and callously kills its own citizens by starting wars or by hunting them down individually for supposed crimes like tax evasion, speeding, sleeping in a park, etc. The collective “states” killed 290,000,000 people in the 20th century, that’s a fact. The legal system you’re so fond of is nothing more than the rules laid down by the mafia in power.

          • Nathan Merrill

            See, the trouble is that you suffer from what is known as tribal thinking; you perceive everyone else as a member of another tribe, and that therefore they are subhuman, not realizing that that means that everyone else should treat you as subhuman, because you cannot be trusted to abide by the rules of society because you are a savage.

            The legal system is designed to protect EVERYONE, and that INCLUDES violent criminals. Violent criminals are held in isolation. Ideally, that would involve more reformation than we currently engage in, but unfortunately, primitive savages like yourself – people who like crime – don’t want that. You don’t want to spend money on making them productive members of society again. You, in your primitive little monkey hindbrain, want to punish them forever.

            Forgiveness is a good thing, as is absolution, but you want to deny it to them. So what is left for them but to reoffend?

            If they can be fixed, we should fix them. And in this case, he was institutionalized for many years in an attempt to do just that.

            If they say he is better, so be it.

            The state is not responsible for his crimes; he is. The state will never be perfect. But if perfection is the issue, then you would long since be dead and gone, because you are yourself far from perfect; further from perfect than the state is, even, for you seek revenge.

            You don’t understand pluralism.

            It has nothing to do with self defense. It also has nothing to do with retribution. It has nothing to do with sending a message about how unacceptable violence is.

            It has to do with the fact that you are a primitive, violent savage who wants to be violent, and this man is a convenient target for your monkey aggression. You want to send the message about what a big man you are by harming someone, and you want to attack him because it shows how awesome you are.

            Tax evasion is a crime; taxes are necessary for the sustenance of our society. Tax evasion is a crime against everyone; it is stealing from all of society, and attacking its very foundation, because tax evasion is a crime whose purpose is to harm everyone else for your own benefit.

            If you get arrested for speeding, it means that either you are a violent savage who attacked the officer who pulled you over – verbally or otherwise – or that you were going so fast you were a hazard to yourself and others. Most people who speed are never arrested, only warned or fined.

            Sleeping in a park is a crime primarily for the purpose of ensuring that the parks remain public places, rather than the makeshift domiciles of the homeless; parks are meant to be enjoyed by all people.

            As far as the collective “states” killing 290 million people… if you add up every single country on the planet, maybe you could reach that 290 million figure, counting all the wars, all the genocides, all the awful things people did to their fellow man. That’s across the entire planet, though, not in any one country, and given that most people agree that Hitler, Stalin, and Mao were pretty terrible people, and that they are responsible for a pretty good percentage of that number…

            Well, it isn’t much of an argument at all.

            The idea that the legal system is the rules laid down by the “mafia in power” is simple nonsense; we elect our leaders. The people, collectively, have control over who is in charge.

            You’re just angry because it isn’t you. Your monkey brain tells you you’re important.

            But given you don’t even understand the most basic concepts of pluralism and reciprocal altruism, there’s a good reason you’re not.

          • Bill Gradwohl

            “Forgiveness is a good thing, as is absolution” – BS in these cases. BTW – I’m an atheist.

            “So what is left for them but to reoffend?” – Not if I had my way. Reoffending would be impossible from the grave.

            Sorry, but I couldn’t waste my time with the rest of your fiction. The constant name calling and ad hominem is nothing I want to read.

  • AugustineThomas

    What do you expect in a state full of baby murderers and Hollywood pedophiles running the show.

    • RSorge

      You’d be delighted if the governor of your state had half the brains and demonstrated competence of Jerry Brown, who has turned the California economy around big-time.

      • Rick FromTexas

        That’s what upsets the Stupid Party so much, they’re too dumb to know how to correct real economic problems, but they’re experts at causing them.

      • AugustineThomas

        Can you please give me one example of California’s economy improving. You mean some of the biggest corporations in the state moving to Texas? A TRUE unemployment rate higher than at any point in history?

        Jerry Brown only helps out his fat cat leftist buddies, like the plutocrats who run Silicon Valley and Hollywood.

  • Stryke

    This serial rapist will attack again without doubt. His next victim has our outrageous “justice” system to blame. He should be executed.

  • Zee

    If the women of the Palmdale area are frightened that this guy is once again out on the loose, well, they should take whatever means are necessary to protect themselves.
    From my gun-friendly home state of New Mexico–though I’m a native Northern Califonian–I’d suggest buying and carrying a gun 24/7, but in the People’s Republic of Kalifornia, I don’t think that’s possible.
    So I guess pepper spray and lessons in karate will have to do. Hope you ladies can earn your black belts quickly. You may need them.

    • efforting

      If you read the article it was stated that he would overtake the women while they were sleeping so you better sleep with that gun under your pillow with your finger on the trigger if you expect to defend yourself from his attack.
      Or you could just close the garage and lock the doors behind you and not risk blowing your own head off.

  • RSM

    Where’s Dexter when you need him?

  • potrzebie

    I remember this worked out really well with the guy they let out who chopped off a girl’s hands and left her for dead back in the 70’s. He had to live on the grounds of the prison in a trailer because no community would have him. When he finally did “integrate” back into society, they found him in a motel room with a prostitute he’d murdered.

    Can’t we take up a collection for a hitman or something?

    • Nathan Merrill

      The problem is precisely this attitude – you don’t LET them rejoin society.


      Why can’t these people ever be fixed?

      You won’t ever consider them to be such.

      But doesn’t that make you a bit broken as well?

      The entire point of this is that eventually you can let them back out. If the hospital says he’s better, so be it.

      If you never let them rejoin society as normal people, they have nothing else – nothing to lose.

      That means you are for these people committing more crimes. It is just that simple.

  • acasinofriend

    It’s His Sexual Orientation… We Must Tolerate Him…. Can’t Judge Him… Don’t Be A Bigot…

  • Daniel Morgan

    People like that should be physically and chemically castrated. Period.