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Rapper TI Starts Fight With Floyd Mayweather In Las Vegas Fatburger

Early this Sunday morning in Las Vegas, the rapper known as TI picked a fight with the undefeated boxing champion Floyd Mayweather. The two exchanged a lot of foul language, and even some chairs were thrown inside the restaurant. People are still trying to figure out exactly what sparked the situation, but it may have been Mayweather who started exchanging words, and then TI who started exchanging blows. Perhaps TI was just in the wrong restaurant at the wrong time, as that particular Fatburger is one of Mayweather’s well known hangout spots.

Rapper TI Starts Fight With Floyd Mayweather In Las Vegas Fatburger

TI Throws Punches At Floyd Mayweather In LV Fatburger

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Floyd Mayweather had reportedly shouted out to TI to have him gain control of his woman, though not in such a nice manner. After the verbal altercation escalated to a face-to-face confrontation, it is reported that TI took the first swing at Mayweather. Perhaps it was a long night of partying that wore on each of the celebrities nerves, or maybe it was egos clashing, but either way it was not a good situation. TI must have been feeling rather upset and confident in his fighting abilities to try to go toe to toe with boxing’s undefeated champion in a casual dining restaurant.

When police arrived at the scene there were only minor injuries reported, and no cooperative witnesses. Unable to get a statement from witnesses, the Las Vegas Police Department have not filed any charges as a result of this fight. The restaurant owners have also not reportedly pressed any charges for the minor damages that were caused to the property either.

Maybe these two have had some bad blood in the past, that is unclear, but it is likely that TI knew that he was getting ready to throw down with Floyd Mayweather himself. It is speculated that the two parties had crossed paths the night before in a more cordial manner while out partying. After the two started tossing punches, their entourages started to have a go at it too. I bet you can guess which side came more prepared for a fist fight.

Rapper TI Starts Fight With Floyd Mayweather In Las Vegas Fatburger.

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