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California Proposes a Law to Label Health Risks on Sugary Drinks

Lawmakers in California proposed a strict measure to force soft drink (soda) companies to put warning labels of obesity, diabetes and tooth decay risk on products. The proposal, if passed, will play a significant role in curbing the large consumption of high-calorie beverages claimed to be responsible for an epidemic of childhood obesity, medical experts say.

Photo: Flickr

Photo: Flickr

This proposed move is intended to persuade people drink less soda in California state, which had already banned sodas and junk food from public schools in 2005.

“This is a major victory for public health advocates, community groups, physicians, and dentists. By informing consumer choice, we can improve the health of Californians”, said Democratic Senator Bill Monning, author of the bill, in a story published by Reuters.

The measure will have warnings about the risks of obesity, diabetes and tooth decay on sugary soft drink containers so that consumers can be aware about what all health risks they face because of the consumption of those beverages.

The move is a result of a growing national effort to reduce consumption of high-calorie beverages among people as it is highly considered as a very unhealthy food habit that puts a huge number of people at high risk of suffering from diseases that can be easily avoided.

The United States food and beverage industry is vehemently opposing the labeling legislation. Also, they are against increase in taxes and other efforts to curtail consumption of sugary drinks.

According to a representative of the California Nevada Soft Drink Association, fast food sandwiches and hamburgers are the main sources of added sugars in American diets, and not sodas or other soft drinks.

Therefore, the proposed labeling law for sodas will try in preventing obesity, diabetes or tooth decay. The bill will go in for a final vote as early as the middle of next week.

California Proposes a Law to Label Health Risks on Sugary Drinks.

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