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Mark Cuban Not Looking Forward to Being a Hypocrite

Whether you love him or hate him there is one thing you will never have to ask Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban about–his thoughts and opinions.

At a recent conference in Nashville he made some comments in regards to the Donald Sterling controversy that has plagued the NBA since early in the post season. His message was overshadowed at first because of his example that directly paralleled the Trayvon Martin case, but he has since apologized. He also said that he stood by the spirit of his remarks.

What were they? In a nut shell what he did was say that he too is a bigot and acts in a prejudicial manner, but he qualified it by saying that he is not alone.

That we all are.

His comments also sparked debate over whether he was going to vote for or against banning Sterling when the hearing takes place June 3. In previous releases it appeared that he might be looking to keep Sterling. Why else would he not be willing to outright state that he is going to vote for banning him, right?

However, in a recently released video he talks at length about his vote and what he is leaning towards doing.


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