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YouTube Launches New Creator Content App

YouTube officially announced last Friday that it is prepping to launch a new mobile content creator app. The new app will allow users to upload their own unique videos and control their own channels on a regular basis.

YouTube’s Matt Glotzbach, director of creator product management, announced on the site’s official partners and creators blog that this new mobile content creator app will even make it possible for users to run their channels wherever and whenever they want via the use of their smartphones. The content creator app came about mainly as a response to the results of a “biannual global satisfaction survey” conducted by the Google-owned company.


YouTube / Image: HowToGetBeauty

Glotzbach and an assortment of other employees of YouTube discuss the new content creator app in YouTube’s first Creator Preview video. The conversation centered upon how the app will assist “YouTube original content uploaders” to handle their channels.

Molly Nix, YouTube designer, said: “We saw creators struggling a lot with not being able to do basic YouTube management stuff on their phones. We saw this as a really great opportunity to build something that you guys can use on the go and manage your channel anywhere you are.”

YouTube also told the press they are in the process of creating a “crowdfunding” feature that will allow YouTube viewers to directly fund their favorite video creators. Thus those who create original content for YouTube will have another way to earn an n income other than from advertising. It will also aid filmmakers in raising funds for specific future projects.

YouTube also announced that the updated for the new content creator app will feature a “new comment management system” which will make it possible for musicians and singers to “share in revenue from their eligible cover song videos.” It will be an extension of YouTube’s Creator Academy.

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