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San Antonio Spurs A Game Away From Return to NBA Finals

After the Antonio Spurs melted down in Oklahoma City, some doubted their will to win. It appears all the team needed to do was go home to prove them wrong.



The Western Conference Finals appeared to be well in control for San Antonio after blowout wins over Oklahoma City in Game One and Two. Then the Spurs were summarily man-handled by the Thunder in Game Three and Four leaving fans wondering if the Thunder were going to pull a miracle comeback or if the Spurs had the gas to get the job done.

Game Five should go a long way to putting those concerns to rest.

After one period the game looked like it was going to be a shoot out with both teams scoring 32, but then the worst thing happened for Thunder fans. Their team appeared to forget how to shoot. Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant shot around 50 percent from the field, but got next to no help from the rest of the team.

San Antonio on the other hand turned in to a scoring machine. A barrage of three-pointers helped the Spurs open up a 20-point lead going in to the final period where they coasted to a 117-89 win over the Thunder.

”We played so much harder, sharper, smarter, everything we talked about,” Ginobili said. ”It was a fun-to-play and fun-to-watch game. So when we play like this it’s a completely different story.”

Tim Duncan was one of six Spurs to score in double figures and led the way for his team with 22 points and 12 rebounds. He will need to have a similar performance in Game Six when the series heads back to Oklahoma City Saturday night.


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