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6 Hikers Still Missing On Mount Rainier Since Wednesday

Today the National Park Service stated that they are still looking for 6 hikers who went missing on Washington’s Mount Rainier this past Wednesday. The group, which is part of a hiking party, was last heard from on Wednesday night around the time that they set up camp for the evening. They had spoken to people via a satellite phone, and communicated that they were safe, but experiencing some severe weather. There was apparently a severe storm rolling through that area, including some cold rain and hail. The 6 hikers have not been heard from since.

6 Hikers Still Missing On Mount Rainier Since Wednesday

6 Hikers Missing On Mt Rainier

Image from NPS

The party of hikers was expected to reach the top of Mount Rainier on Thursday, and should have been able to make communication with the outside at any time during that day. Nobody had heard from them, but they were expected to return from the hike as early as Friday, which has come and gone. The National Park Service dispatched several hikers and two helicopters to begin searching for the missing people today.

So far searches of the suspected area have turned up without clues, both from the air and on the ground. Mount Rainier is a very large mountain, with a lot of potential ground to cover while searching for these lost hikers. The team was supposedly well prepared for the 5 day hike, which was led by two expert guides from Alpine Ascents. The company guides many tours per year, and has a lot of experience in rugged hiking, and glacier tours.

So far the National Park Service at the Mount Rainier National Park have not released the identities of the 6 hikers who are suspected missing. At this time it is too soon to give up hope that the team didn’t survive their journey. It is entirely possible that the communications equipment malfunctioned, and that there were delays in their trip up and down the mountain. Given the severe weather conditions present on the mountain, it is still best to put forth as much effort as possible to locate the hikers. Windy, wet, and cold weather combined with a strenuous trail can lead to some very dangerous and life-threatening conditions, even for seasoned veterans.

6 Hikers Still Missing On Mount Rainier Since Wednesday.

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