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Study: Eating 2 Portions White Bread Daily Increases Obesity Risk By 40 Percent

A new study on white bread consumption found that those who eat ate two or more servings in their daily meal plan were at a higher risk of being obese. The study was aimed at focusing on the eating habits of university graduates per Maine News.

The study followed 200 Spanish graduates for five years. During that time, the study participants consumed both whole grain and white breads. It found at the end of the study that no signs of obesity were found in those who ate both variations of bread. On the other hand, those that ate only white bread and had two or more portions on a daily basis were 40% more likely to gain enough weight to fall into the obese category.

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The researchers were unable to establish a link between just eating whole grain bread and potential obesity. The most possible reason behind this was presence of fiber on whole grain bread, the researchers said.

However, a direct link was found between consumption of white bread two or more times a day and obesity, said researcher Miguel Martinez-Gonzalez, a professor at the University of Navarra in Spain, and his colleagues.

Rates of obesity have been significantly increasing worldwide due to a plethora of healthy foods to choose from and most living a sedentary lifestyle. The Global Burden of Disease Study 2013 revealed that the world is becoming fatter and there is an urgent need to educate people on healthier eating habits and how to prevent themselves from becoming obese. Obesity dramatically increases the risk of suffering from diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and many others.

“The high cost of healthy food may not be the problem as far as obesity is concerned, rather it is the excess availability and affordability of all types of food”, said Roland Sturm, PhD, study report’s lead author, in a statement.

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