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Super Bowl Commercials Will Go For $4.5 Million Next Season

Super Bowl commercials have always cost advertisers a pretty penny, and they should. Here you have a program that has over 100 million viewers every season.

That kind of exposure is almost priceless. Performers know this. That’s why they do the half-time show for free. The exposure alone is more than worth it for them hence a never ending parade of big name superstars each and every season.

So the NFL knows it can set essentially whatever price it wants for its 30-second commercials, and it does.

Next year the game is going to be on NBC, and even though the big game is still months away the network has released what it will cost to have the attention of 100 million+ people for 30 seconds–$4.5 million for 30 seconds.

It’s a raise of a half million over last year’s price and more than the raise from the previous year ($300,000). Sound a little high? If you think so you are not alone.

“It’s $9 million to get a [one minute] Super Bowl spot, which is a lot,” said one ad-buying executive. “They are testing the market. If enough people don’t do it, it’s only June and it’s not broadcast until February. You could adjust your price in October if you need to. It’s all about testing the market and maximizing the revenue.” 

If that’s the case than releasing the asking price now is a smart play, but it is hard to imagine that they would lower the price even if sales are slow. Last season FOX didn’t sell out of its ads till the week before Thanksgiving.


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