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2014 NBA Finals: Busted A/C Turns the Heat Up for Game One

2014 NBA Finals: With a series that is expected to be hotly contested there was one thing that no one needed Thursday night in San Antonio–more heat.

Manu Ginobili


That ended up being exactly what the fans and both teams ended up getting when the air conditioning system in the AT&T Center broke during the game. When you have close to 20,000 people packed in to one space with no A/C there is one thing you can count on–temperatures are going to rise.

Did they ever! At one point the temperature at court side was measured at 88 degrees–and that was after it cooled off a little.

At the end of the third period an announcement was finally made as to what  had occured, but didn’t really tell fans anything that they didn’t already know after sweating through their shirts:

The heat eventually ended up bothering LeBron James so much that he suffered severe enough cramps that he had to be carried off the court. It was at that time that the Spurs opened up a lead and cruised to a 110-95 win.

So does this mean that should the Spurs win the championship a star needs to be put next to their name in the record books? According to NBA commissioner Adam Silver–no.

“It is unfortunate, but these are the kind of things that can happen at live sporting events.”

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