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Tracy Morgan In Intensive Care After NJ Car Accident

Comedian and Actor Tracy Morgan was critically injured in a fatal car wreck Saturday on a New Jersey Turnpike. The accident was supposedly caused by another driver who fell asleep behind the wheel of an 18-wheeler, right before it plowed into the Limo Bus that Tracy Morgan was travelling in. The accident happened in the early hours of Saturday around 1:30am as the bus was leaving a gig from that night. The news of the accident has left many of Morgan’s fans, family and colleagues devastated.

Tracy Morgan In Intensive Care After NJ Car Accident

Actor Tracy Morgan Critically Injured In Car Accident

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The 18-wheeler plowed into the limo bus, totally destroying the rather large vehicle. It was struck from behind, and rolled onto its side as the tractor trailer swerved to avoid other traffic. The accident left Morgan unconscious and with a broken leg. Even though he is being treated in intensive care, his doctors are hopeful that he will recover from the injuries. Sadly on of Morgan’s best friends was killed in the accident. James McNair, a 63-year old mentor to Tracy Morgan, was killed in the accident from injuries he sustained.

The vehicle was transporting Tracy Morgan and other stand-up comedians as they traveled on tour. Other occupants in the vehicle were Ardie Fuqua, Harris Stanton, and Jeff Millea. Fortunately, Morgan’s family was not on board the limo bus at the time of the accident. The couple is engaged to be married, and already has a young child together who normally travels with him. The rest of his family, including his older children with his ex-wife, are struggling with the news of their father’s condition.

The driver of the 18-wheeler made it out okay from the accident, and appears to be fully at fault for the damages. He claims that he was tired and did not notice the traffic in front of him on the Turnpike had slowed down to a near stop, and he swerved to avoid smaller cars that were in front of him. That is when he struck the back of Morgans limo bus, pushing it into another car and ultimately sandwiching it between another tractor trailer.

Tracy Morgan In Intensive Care After NJ Car Accident.

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