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Small Plane Pilot Dies After Crashing Into NY Neighborhood

A small plane pilot died Friday after crashing into a residential neighborhood near the Westchester County Airport in New York.

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A small plane pilot died after taking off from Westchester County Airport, pictured here. (Wikipedia)

The Piper Meridian single-engine turbo prop was registered to Richard Rockefeller from Falmouth, Maine per USA Today. It could not be immediately confirmed whether the owner is related to the Rockefeller family in Pocantico Hills, N.Y. about 30 miles north of New York.

The small plane departed from the White Plaines, N.Y. airport about 8 am. ET and was reported down within 10 minutes in a residential area less than 3 miles away in Purchase, airport operations administrator Peter Scherrer said. The weather at the time of takeoff was described as foggy and rainy.

The plane was heading to Portland, Maine and the flight was expected to last an hour and 14 minutes.

The pilot had flown out of the airport regularly, Scherrer said. No other injuries were reported related to the crash.

The Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board were en route to the scene and will head the crash investigation at the time of this report, local officials said. All planes flying to the White Plains airport are being held at their origin.

A Piper Meridian is about 30 feet long, 11 feet high with a 43-foot wingspan and carries 170 gallons of fuel. It costs about $2.2 million and seats 6.

Reuters reports that the pilot was the only person onboard, according to an airport official.

It is unclear what caused the plane to crash shortly after it took off but an investigation will be underway, the official said.

Streets around the crash site have been blocked off, according to local media reports. Medical teams were on the scene, and the identity of the pilot would be released after the family was notified, authorities said.

Small Plane Pilot Dies After Crashing Into NY Neighborhood

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