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NY Gun March Demonstration Underwritten By Former Mayor

Hundreds are expected to march across the Brooklyn Bridge Saturday as a demonstration to call for tougher gun control laws. Saturday’s gun march, which comes on the heels of a wave of mass shootings all across the U.S., is being underwritten by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, one of the nation’s most visible advocates for gun control.

The marchers – which will include relatives of some of those slain in the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting – will gather in downtown Brooklyn and then march across the bride to City Hall per CSMonitor. They will then hold a demonstration outside the building’s gates and chant in unison “Not one more,” the rallying cry by Richard Martinez, whose son Christopher was shot to death in Santa Barbara just last month, according to organizers.

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Former Mayor Michael Bloomberg underwrites gun control march in New York. (Facebook image)

Other speakers who are scheduled to talk are Shannon Watts, who organized the group Moms Demand Action, actress Amanda Peet, and the mothers of several gun victims. Additionally, Erica Lafferty – whose mother Dawn Hochspring was the principal at Sandy Hook – is expected to speak to the crowd and call for tougher federal laws.

The event is being run by several gun control groups including Moms Demand Action, Everytown For Gun Safety and Mayors Against Illegal Guns – which are all bankrolled by the billionaire former New York mayor. Bloomberg, who is not expected to attend, has spent millions of his own money into the anti-gun cause, even after leaving office in December. His successor, Bill de Blasio, has commended Bloomberg for his efforts but will also not be attending the rally.

Seven people, including the attacker, were killed in Santa Barbara on May 23. Two people, including the shooter, were killed Tuesday at an Oregon high school, the second school shooting this week.

NY Gun March Demonstration Underwritten By Former Mayor

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  • AmericanHorseman

    Imagine this . TODAY… A group of people…..American citizens…, being allowed to legally march in protest …to DENY the Bill of Rights to American citizens…a Document this country was founded on. Unbelievable. Can you also imagine the impact it would have on the “Media” if they were marching in protest of religion? Oh, forgot, already did that. Well…how about marching in favor of drugs or deviant sex. Oh, forgot, thats ok. Weeelll, how about if they marched in favor of banning cars. Whew….finally got something the “Media” would get mad at….maybe. I believe that this country’s only hope is to march on Washington and jail everybody there. Why isn’t it illegal to march AGAINST the Constitution? I thought only the Taliban and those people in Muslim countries did that. Oh. You say the Democrats ARE the Taliban. Now that is newsworthy. Can’t wait to see that in print. OH. Forgot. The “Media” are Democrats. Hmm.