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Israeli Defense Force Arrest More Than 80 Palestinians In Search For Kidnapped Teens

Israeli and possibly American teenagers who were reported kidnapped from the West Bank are still believed to be in the area. The Israeli Defense Force has conducted sweeps of the area in hopes of finding the young teens before the situation gets much worse. Soldiers are still holding out hopes that the kids are okay, as more reservists are being called to duty to boost numbers. Momentum for the search increased after one of the teens reportedly called police to let them know that they had been kidnapped. Hamas is believed to be behind the kidnappings, but the motives for doing so are still unclear.

Israeli Defense Force Arrest More Than 80 Palestinians In Search For Kidnapped Teens

The IDF has closed off some areas of the West Bank and has been conducting door to door searches of some neighborhoods. At this time there are hardly enough troops in the area to conduct a thorough search of all homes. The IDF has reported that they placed at least 80 Palestinians under arrest for suspicions related to the kidnapping of these 3 young teens. There are still little to no clues of their exact whereabouts, or exactly who kidnapped them. The students were supposedly hitchhiking across the Wet Bank region on Thursday when they were reported missing.

The arrests and security patrols in the West Bank have already come under scrutiny of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, who claim that the Israeli troops are guilty of racially profiling. Hamas has had a strong connection with the Palestinians in Israel, and are believed to be behind the kidnappings. Suspicions arose when 2 well known Hamas operatives went missing around the same time as the teenage students. Their absence has placed suspicion heavily on their involvement in these crimes.

Families of the kidnapped children are still hoping for the safety of their children, and wishing for their safe return.

Israeli Defense Force Arrest More Than 80 Palestinians In Search For Kidnapped Teens.

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  • JohnWV

    How many thousands of Palestinian teens have similarly disappeared? That is, been seized by the Jewish state and indefinitely incarcerated incommunicado or killed. Israel’s racist maleficence is without bounds.

    Comment published July 10, 2011: Israeli “Corporal Gilad Shalit was a soldier in uniform, on duty and armed when taken prisoner. Reporting his having been “kidnapped” is typical of Israel’s engineered news and its propagation by Jewish biased media. Yes, his detention is tragic, but less so than the detention of each of the children as young as thirteen among Israel’s 11,000 Palestinian prisoners. I suspect they mostly just want to see their parents again; if only Israel would tell their parents where they are.”

    • Pupman

      Stupid and false comment. Palestinian teens have not been disappearing. If Israel ruled with the heavy hand professed by idiots like you, the Palestinian teenagers and children wouldn’t be throwing rocks and taunting soldiers. If Israel was so heavy handed or even decided to normally respond to the situation, it wouldn’t have tolerated missiles being fired into its territory from Gaza on a daily basis. Any other normal country would have protected their integrity and crushed Gaza long ago. The Palestinians have tried to destroy Israel and push all Jews into the sea since the inception of the State. Hamas and even the PA remain committed to this. In reality then, Israel has the right, and perhaps the obligation, to destroy the entire Palestinian entity. Seems a bit harsh to you Johnny boy? I wonder how you would react to someone or “someones” who continuously attempted to annihilate and dispatch you and any progeny you have in your home. I think I know the answer to that one.