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Mike Tyson Speaks Out Against Washington Redskins Name

Once again one of the ongoing stories of the NFL off-season has been the Washington Redskins and their continued use of a name that many view as derogatory.

Politicians love to speak out against the Redskins as do journalists. In doing so they give voters and readers exactly what they want. Voters love to think their politicians care even if they are not able to do anything about a perceived injustice. If there is one thing that readers love it is controversy.

When the story starts to go stale how do you revive it? Ask a celebrity like Mike Tyson what they think:

The ongoing debate over the Redskins name has pushed team owner Dan Snyder to tell Al Michaels that the name will never change while he’s around (via Washington Post):

“…I mean, for 70-some odd years this was a zero issue, and then it became an issue. I understand we live in this politically correct environment. It’s crazier than ever; you know, senators want to weigh in on this, like there’s nothing better to do in Congress. This becomes a big issue. I mean, I just think it’s nuts. And I do know, I’ve talked to Snyder about it — not recently but when we were in Washington last year — and he basically said “over my dead body.’ ”


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