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Unreal Moment SUV on Walking Bridge Hits Bicyclist with GoPro

What in the world is a car doing on a pedestrian bridge? That is the question everyone would like to know after a video has surfaced showing a bicyclist being hit head on by an SUV. The incident happened in Norfolk, Virginia’s Berkley Bridge.

YouTube user Kelley Howell uploaded the video saying, despite her evidence and video of the incident the Norfolk Police Department said there is nothing she can do.

Though Kelley and the driver exchanged information, Howell told WVEC later when she reported the issue to the authorities, she was told they wouldn’t be investigating the incident.

“I said, ‘I have video if you want to see,’ and he said, ‘Oh, why do you have video?’ And I explained that I use it to educate, and he said, ‘Oh maybe you were the person who caused the accident,’” Howell told the news station of her interaction later that day with a Norfolk Police Department officer.

Many are outraged over the police departments handling of the incident.

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