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NFL Using Jimmy Graham’s Twitter Profile Against Him

Growing up we are told not to label people, but that is exactly why the New Orleans Saints/NFL and Jimmy Graham are embroiled in an arbitration hearing.



They can’t agree as to what Graham should be called.

Sound silly?

From the outside it may look that way, but between the two parties it is anything but. What Graham is labeled as–tight end or wide receiver–could be the difference between making $7 million (the franchise tag for a tight end) or $12 million (the franchise tag for a wide receiver).

Just like anything in America when there is a conflict such as this you either take it to court or you give arbitration a try (before court).

On Tuesday the arbitration hearing started, and while it is far from done some of the evidence presented by each side has been made public. It’s a little interesting to say the least.

The basis for Graham’s argument is pretty straightforward:

The basis for the NFL’s argument is based on something a little less precise:

Yes, the NFL is trying to use Graham’s Twitter profile against him.

Screen Shot of Jimmy Graham's Twitter Profile via SBNation

Screen Shot of Jimmy Graham’s Twitter Profile via SBNation

The hearing  is due to continue on Wednesday.

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