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  • LiberalGilt

    The Middle East is burning and THIS is what loser obama focuses on

    • Will Phoenix

      Hi Liberal!
      Thanks for your comment. Yes, I am so tired of the way this story is being covered. Some places such as USAToday literally had a piece on Google News that was clearly an editorial and yet it was not labeled as such. I am tired of so few if any sources questioning the fact that all our leaders have more important issues to deal with than this. I want to question everyone who speaks to the press about this other than the one group of Indians who filed the suit. Even those folks I would want to ask a few questions as they never are asked about the Indians who are OK with the Redskins and/or could care less. I would also like to know how much all of this is costing taxpayers. Indians don’t pay taxes from what I understand and some consider themselves not even a part of the USA which begs the question; How could they even be involved in this then? Mixed messages out the wazoo here except for the owner who pretty much said he is sticking to his guns. Right or wrong that is easy to grasp and right out there. Thanks for reading my stuff!