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2015 Walk Of Fame Stars Revealed

The 2015 Walk of Fame honorees have just been announced by the trade paper Variety. For those not hip to Hollywood happenings, the “annual reveal” of next year’s sidewalk stars is always a “big to do” in the City of Angels.  The Walk of Fame hit list for 2015 will feature a variety of today’s stars as well as some touching posthumous presentations to entertainment icons no longer with us.

Here in Los Angeles, Maureen Schultz, Chair of the Hollywood Walk of Fame selection committee confirmed that some of the new Walk of Fame folks “represent the best of the entertainment industry and will be a great addition to the Walk of Fame for both the Hollywood community and fans from around the world who visit Hollywood every year.”

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Hollywood Walk Of Fame/Image: TenWatts/ART

Some of the comedic cohorts to be placed on the 2015 Walk of Fame include Will Ferrell, “Family Guy” Seth MacFarlane, ‘Role Model” Paul Rudd and Melissa McCarthy whom sources at the Los Angeles NBC offices believe will have an acceptance speech that will be both “moving and uproarious.”

NBC’s Alysia Gray Painter said: “The Walk of Fame speeches sometimes rival Oscar thank yous in many a heart, it’s true. We like that the wind is sometimes messing up the star’s hair and they’re squinting in the sunshine and traffic’s whizzing by.” Indeed, sometimes people enjoy knowing that those they place on pedestals are also real people.

Other 2015 Walk of Fame stars include the Lord of the Rings himself Sir Peter Jackson, Colombian cutie and “Modern Family” femme fatale Sofia Vergara, “The Mighty” Amy Poehler and producer/singer Pharrrell Williams. Also to be honored are “The Simpsons” producer James L. Brooks , rapper Pitbull and even TV host/actress and e-cig ad icon in absentia Jenny McCarthy.

Novelist and screenwriter Raymond Chandler who passed away in 1959 and Batman creator/artist who left us in 1998, are 2015’s Walk of Fame posthumous star-receivers. (In fact, your s truly met with Kane in 1998 and regardless of the drummed up controversy regarding the cape crusader’s origins, found Kane to be both humble and wonderfully human.)

While the Hollywood Walk of Fame is admittedly “a nostalgic tradition,” it continues to leave its nark on the entertainment industry the Walk of Fame or “Walk of Stars” is “ever-present . . . always open . . . free to see and . . . goes on and on and on, straight into the future.”

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