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2014 World Cup: Police Investigating ‘Disabled’ Brazil Fans

2014 World Cup: Finding tickets for the World Cup has to be hard so it should not be surprising fans will do anything to get in–but fake being disabled?

During the World Cup we’ve seen one fan base attack the stadium media center in attempt to gain access to a game. Not exactly a shining moment for the games and soccer fans, but it will not be the worst. That honor goes to the Brazilian fans that may have faked being disabled in order to get cheap tickets to a game.

Images have been circulating online of fans supposedly wheel chair bound jumping out of their seats during the excitement of a game.



Brazil has a law that requires at least one percent of a stadium’s capacity to be devoted to handicap fans. That fact alone is not the only reason why police are getting involved. Not only are concessions and bathrooms specially suited to handicap fans, but tickets cost about half as much as regular tickets.

So this is a little more serious than just sitting in the wrong seat.

To be fair, it is important to note that just being in a wheel chair does not mean the person is incapable of standing up. So maybe some of the fans photographed are legitimate–which is why the police are investigating.


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