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Kidnapped Baby Reunited With Mother After Being Taken in Car Theft

A kidnapped baby has been reunited with its mother after being dropped off on the side of the road and discovered by a passing jogger.

kidnapped baby

Sketch of kidnapping and car theft suspect. Houston Police Department

Police in Houston, Texas searched overnight Sunday for eight-month-old Genesis Haley after her mother’s vehicle was stolen while she went into a convenience store. The stolen car was found shortly after the incident; however the kidnapped baby wasn’t inside.

Jogger Hong Nguyen called police when she found the infant crying, still strapped into her car seat, while she was out running at 08:00 local time on Monday per BBC News.

Genesis was then reunited with her mother after getting cleared at the hospital.

“That’s my duty as a human being to do that,” Ms Nguyen told local broadcaster KHOU. “I can’t believe – it was so scary to see that situation.”

The Houston police officer who responded to the incident said he took the car seat with the infant strapped inside and carried her out to the open to inspect her for injuries.

“Once I saw that she was moving and appeared OK, I took her out of the car seat, held her, and just tried to console her,” Officer Albert Pizana said.

Pizana said he used his uniform shirt to swaddle her and calm her down.

“Whenever we can recover a baby that’s alive it feels good,” added Officer Pizana. “It makes you want to go home and hug your kids even tighter.”

Surveillance video shows that when baby Genesis’ mother left her child in the running car while she dashed into a convenience store to grab a soda, a man jumped into the vehicle and drove off. Genesis’s mother reportedly told police that she doesn’t know the man by name, but recognizes him from her neighborhood.

The suspect remains at large on Tuesday.

Kidnapped Baby Reunited With Mother After Being Stolen in Car Theft

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