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A Tribute To Wingsuit Pilot Brian Drake

One of the most dangerous adrenaline sports world, Wingsuit flying, has claimed yet another brave young man.

Brian Drake seemed to be most happy when he was piloting his wingsuit through some of the most rugged and dynamic terrain in the world.

His family recently released a video tribute to the deceased wingsuit pilot after an accident that happened in April 2014 in France.

Here is what the family posted on Epic TV.

“After the tragic passing of wingsuit pilot Brian Drake in April 2014, we struggled to find a way to pay tribute to the man whose amazing camera work brought so many of us into the skies. That was until his friend Vincent Descols, aka Le Blond, sent over this video of their breath-taking flight filmed in March 14th 2014 in le Pic de la Grave in les Deux Alpes, France. Along with Brian’s parents Jason and Holly Drake, we agreed that this beautiful piece of work should be seen by all as a reminder that while life is terribly short, it can be made so much richer by men like Brian who shared their dreams with the world.”

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